Beatrice Barbon speaks about EC Bristol!

I have chosen Bristol just to know another city of the UK. Last summer, I discovered Devon and I stayed in a quite small town. This time I wanted to live in a bigger city but not too big. I like to improve my English and discover the UK at the same time. I’ve studied in General English at EC Bristol and I’ve improved my speaking and writing. The school is situated in a wonderful place. The transparent walls inside give the students sunny rooms and an enjoyable atmosphere. The classes are well organised, the teachers are kind, qualified, ironic, patient and friendly. Probably I will return to this school. I would recommend EC to a friend. One of the things I really love when I study a foreign language abroad is that I can meet people from all over the world.

Felipe shares his views on EC Bristol!

Felipe Acordi Costa comes from Brazil and was studying English at EC Bristol for a month. He is 17 years old and would like to share with us his experience. I chose this destination because it is one of the cities in England with the most nationality mix. At EC Bristol, I learnt a lot of new words, vocabulary and I learnt more about the British culture. The teachers are great! They interact a lot with the students generating a better environment for learning. I would really recommend EC to my friends who wish to learn English.

Oscar shares his Bristolian experience!

I decided to go to Bristol to improve my English and to have an outstanding experience. I feel I’ve learnt a lot with very professional teachers in a friendly environment. I’ve met new colleagues and friends coming from different countries (Switzerland, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, France…) having good times together. I truly recommend EC Bristol to everyone who wants to discover a liveable and nice city with a lot of attractions and study English with the help of amazing teachers and nice school mates.

‘I hope I can come again!’ says Musab

Hello everyone, I’m Musab. I come from Saudi Arabia and I’m 18 years old. I came here on the 5th of July and at first I was scared but the EC staff, especially Stella, were so kind. They make it so easy for me; I felt like I’m part of a family. I spent 6 weeks in EC and it was one of the best time of my life. I’ll remember every day of it! I was happy all the time and I learnt English very well. They mix learning with fun so you will never get bored. I hope in the future I can come again and visit!

‘I like Bristol!’ says Ozcan

Ozcan, 48 years old, came to Bristol to improve his English. He came straight from Turkey to enjoy a new experience. I like Bristol! I like EC Bristol school because I learned here a lot of things. Not only English language but a lot of things about people’s life, their culture, the function of the English system and so on. My favourite activity were the pronunciation classes and the over 30s’ events. My new friends come from Mexico, Italy, Spain, Russia and Arabic countries. I would recommend EC to my friends because they can learn here a lot of things from the professional teachers.

Abdullah shares his experience at EC Bristol!

I came here two years ago and I had a wonderful experience that’s why I chose this destination again. I have improved a lot my English since I study in EC Bristol. The teachers are very professional and friendly. I was also living in the student residence and I enjoyed it a lot. We organised there meals with the students of the school to get to know each other. This year, my favourite activity was the Summer Boat Party and the Balloon festival. I would really recommend a friend to join EC Bristol because I’ve spent a lovely time with them. All the members of staff were really helpful and friendly. I’ll remember all the people I’ve met here!  

‘I really enjoyed the Harbour Festival’ writes Raphaelle

What is the Bristol Harbourside Festival? and what can you do? It’s the Bristol’s biggest FREE event happening in July with three days of cultural celebrations. The Bristol Harbourside Festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to explore the two mile stretch of the harbour featuring seven areas including dance, music, children’s activities, a busy on-water programme and phenomenal circus performances. How to be well prepared for the Harbour Festival? To go to the Harbour Festival it is better to be prepared and for that you will need: – One blanket to be able to sit down everywhere without wondering if it is clean or not like that you can listen to the music for hours! – One bottle of water, it is always good to have water and better to have your own and keep your money to buy something else! – One little bag, do not bring too much stuff, there is lot of people. – Some cash because you can’t pay by card in every stands. My favourites of the Harbour Festival 2015 were: – The band Foreign Affairs (they were playing at the Glastonbury Festival as well) there was a very summery and convivial atmosphere at the Thekla stage, their energy has englobed the crowd!   – The stand of home-made jewels and mugs, careful to love crush because you may spend a lot of money! – The French “saucissons” stand was also one of my favourites, they had various tastes: cepes, olive, garlic, cheese, duck and many others!   If you study English at EC Bristol, you will have the opportunity to take part in many events/festivals run by the fantastic city of Bristol. Check out further information about English courses in Bristol.

‘I really recommend EC Bristol’ exclaims Marta

I’ve been at EC Bristol for four weeks. I’ve met new people from all over the world and I’ve improved my English. The lessons are dynamic and fun. Furthermore, the teachers and all the staff are kind and help you with all that you need. It has been a great experience. I really recommend EC Bristol. Check out EC’s website if you wish to study English abroad.  

‘I am having a good time at EC Bristol’ says Andrea

I am having a good time at EC Bristol. When I decided to improve my English by attending a language school I had different offers but the one of EC surprised me in a positive way and I was not wrong. The school environment is the right one, lively and comfortable. Moreover, the teachers are friendly and at the same time very professional while lessons are really active. Right from the start I felt more and more confident with my English, especially in speaking. EC school offers several extra-activities and the opportunity to know many people from all over the world. Definitely, I recommend this experience at this school to anyone who wants to learn or improve their English. For more information check out EC Bristol’s website.  

Academic Lecture about Bristol Zoo!

                Today we had a fabulous activity in our school and I was happy to be able to join it. My name is Alexandra Schmidt and I came from Germany to EC Bristol to do an internship at the reception. Two lovely volunteers from ‘Bristol Zoo Gardens’, Diane and Mary, came to visit our school and tell us about the zoo and its history. We heard about the animals living in the zoo, Henry Riley, the founder, and how they managed to bring all the exotic animals to Bristol Zoo. It was very interesting for us as they showed a lot of videos and pictures in their presentation. But even better than just looking at pictures of animals is to be able to see them live – and we had the chance to!! Diane and Mary brought some animals from the zoo – there were tiger snails, a giant spiny stick insect, a Chilean rose tarantula and a cockroach.                 As you can see in the pictures below we were all very thrilled about the animals since we were allowed to touch them.    All in all, it was an extraordinary experience for us and we are all thinking about going to the zoo together.     Thanks to Diane and Mary! Alexandra Schmidt If you wish to study English at EC Bristol, please go to the following link: