‘It was far from disappointing’ says Carlos!

It was the best holiday I had ever been on. I had never been to Europe before. Before going there I kept my expectations low because I didn’t want to get disappointed. It was far from disappointing! I met people from around the world; I visited Wales, Scotland, London, Berlin. It was absolutely amazing and of course I learned tons of chunks of the English language at EC Bristol. In the beginning, I felt that I had plenty of time, I mean ten weeks sounds like a lot, but in reality time has really flown and I don’t know where it went, seeing people coming and leaving every week was a bit odd but I got used to it. I’m very pleased with my trip to the UK especially because of the people I met at EC Bristol. I’ll definetely miss my Host parents and Manuela!

‘Being in EC Bristol is like having a new family’ says Gabriela

First, I have to say thank you so much EC Bristol.  When I arrived in Bristol, I thought that I would speak and understand the English language very well within three months.  Actually, it was impossible in my situation! I started to study in a low level, but now I’m in Upper Intermediate, after a lot of effort and perseverance! I feel very confident every morning when I’m going to study in EC because there is a nice atmosphere starting with Stella (Student Services Coordinator), the teachers, my friends (the students), and Dan (Centre Director). About the teachers, I can say that I was very lucky with them; they are really professional, sensitive and friendly. They always have the answer, a friendly manner and a smile for each one of us. I am a nurse and I am constant with my aims/goals. My goal is to improve my English language level. I believe in myself, so I’ve seen my improvements, step-by-step. With hard work, I did it! Being in EC Bristol is like having a new family, a new language, and a new culture. You can meet people from all over the world!  I’m going to keep in touch with many friends from Asia, South America, Libya, Switzerland, Italy, etc. I love Bristol! I have a lot of good memories of my teachers, the lessons, and especially of my friends. To sum up, I recommend EC Bristol if you want to learn English and live in the UK. The last few months have been very fruitful for me. Thank you EC!