Christopher shares his experience in Bristol!

Hi there, I’m Chris! That’s the first thing I’ve been saying to complete strangers I’ve been meeting during the week here at EC Bristol. Now after one week many of those people have familiar faces, some of them have even become my friends, YAY! Now, about the city… It’s just great! So many things to do, so many places to go, so many sheep to see! I simply love the feeling that this city gives me. Many little independent shops, amazing graffiti everywhere (I even found a few Banksy!), some great museums and really amazing landmarks. What about EC’s activities? I really love them. The last one I did was a great trip to Cheddar (you know, the place where they make the famous cheese), to Wells (apparently England’s smallest city) and Glastonbury (there is an amazing sight of the area from the top of the tor’s hill). Conclusion I really, really like every single thing here; the people I’m meeting, the city and its gorgeous graffiti, the school and the activities with it…Just everything! 80 sheep out of 80 that’s my final verdict

Meret tells us the ups & downs of indoor climbing!

We all wanted to aim high… so we walked together to the climbing centre. Everybody was excited about this afternoon. For some it was the first time, and for others it was routine, but for all of us it was unbelievable that the climbing hall was a church! We had a good instructor, who explained what to do and then we could try it ourselves and test our limits. We secured each other in pairs and after we climbed without ropes or anything else! It was fun!   Find out more about English classes in Bristol.  

‘Four weeks in Bristol’ – a résumé by Svenja Breuer

First of all, these four weeks were an unforgettable experience, which I recommend to everybody, who is interested in improving his/her English, getting to know another country and making new friends from all over the world. One reason for choosing EC Bristol was the price but another and more important reason was the possibility to make a work and business course. I think this is a good way to get to know important and helpful work-vocabulary.The topics were: meetings, holding a presentation, business lunch and so forth. Moreover all in all the teachers and the staff were nice and helpful. You have also the possibility to join a lot of activities after school like academic lectures, pronunciation class, Yoga, trips to Cheddar, Wells and Glastonbury and so on. Another point to consider is that Bristol is a young, lively city, with a lot of things to do. The only negative point to mention is the bad bus system. Finally I’m glad about going on this journey! Would you like to learn English in Bristol?  Find out more about English courses in Bristol.

Valeria shares her feelings about EC Bristol!

Why did you choose this destination? I chose Bristol because I have an English cousin who is going at UWE University. I decided to start my English course in EC and I’m really happy of my choice. The team is friendly, lovely and competent. How much did you improve? I made a big improvement. I started in Pre-Intermediate class and I finished, after 3 months, in Upper-Intermediate. What will you remember from your stay? I have met a lot of new amazing friends and I will remember each of them. Learn English in Bristol with EC!

‘These two months have been the most memorable experience of our lives’ write Marco & Eva

Why did you choose this destination? We decided to come to Bristol after talking with our friends who went to EC Bristol school last year. They told us only good things about their experience and we have to say that it was the same for us. What did you learn? Every day we learned something new, enjoying lessons with amazing teachers and going out with our new friends who we met at the school. What was your favourite EC activity? Why? We discovered a lot of different things, speaking with people who came from all over the world. We met people from Korea, France, Brazil, Spain, Japan, Libya, Turkey. So exciting! We also enjoyed doing other activities available in the school, like lecture class or pronunciation class, very useful! What did you like about your accommodation? We lived in two different homestays and they were both very friendly, nice and lovely. These two months have been the most memorable experience of our lives. ‘Have you ever been in Bristol? Have you ever studied in EC Bristol school? If the answer is no, you have to come and do this experience, now!”   Find out more about learning English in Bristol with EC   

Marco Trevisani replies at our EC’s Q&A!

Why did you choose this destination? I chose Bristol because it’s a nice city and it isn’t very big. It’s a good city to live in. How much did you improve? I improved much more because I was speaking in English all the time at EC Bristol. What did you like most about the lessons? I like the teachers of the school, they are always available to help you out! Would you recommend EC to a friend? Yes I will recommend it to my friends. Where did your new friends come from? My new friends come from Spain and Germany. What will you remember from your stay? I will remember a beautiful experience. If you wish to learn English at EC Bristol, check out our English courses in Bristol.

‘Thank you all for being so helpful and efficient’ says the Braschi Group

EC Bristol had the pleasure of hosting a wonderful group of Italian students. Maria Grazia Spila, the teacher and group leader of the Italian students, says: ‘ We all had a great time in Bristol. My students loved everything here: their teachers, their homestay families, the trips to Bath and London, the atmosphere and the kindness of all the people they met.’ Maria Grazia also added ‘Thank you all for being so helpful and efficient.’ If you wish to bring a group of students to learn English at EC Bristol, do not hesitate to send an email to

‘There is a vibrant and great vibe in Bristol’ says Masa!

Masanobu Hotta, Japanese student, was studying English courses at EC Bristol. Read his testimonial below. I have been studying on a General English at EC Bristol for two months. I really enjoyed studying with many students from all over the world in such a friendly atmosphere. It was not a long time but during these two months I improved my English a lot. EC Bristol teaches many different levels so my class was very suitable for me and I found out my weak points in English and improved. Bristol is a small city located on a harbour. There is a vibrant and great vibe in Bristol, different from London or Oxford where there are many Japanese students. All the sightseeing spots and shops that I need, are in the heart of the town. Therefore, I could visit all of them on foot. Also the living cost is cheaper than in London. It was one of the reasons I chose to study at EC Bristol. I would recommend EC Bristol to all levels of students and especially beginners who wants to improve their English in a great way!