EC Bristol Student, Anita

Anita talks about learning English at EC Bristol

Anita from Slovakia talks about why she chose to improve her English at EC Bristol. Why did you choose EC Bristol? I chose EC Bristol because my friend told me that Bristol is a nice city. I looked for English schools in Bristol and I was interested in EC but also in other schools. However, I chose … Read more

EC Bristol Pre-Intermediate’s Comic Strips

Caroline’s Pre-Intermediate class at EC have made some comic strips and would like to share them. The one below was created by students Maria from Mexico and Taher from Saudi Arabia. Here’s another amazing comic strip created by Sang Hun from South Korea, Juliana from Mexico and Najat fr … Read more

Helena speaks about the Elan Valley excursion!

Helena from Czech Republic speaks about the Elan Valley trip organised by EC Bristol. On Saturday 15th August, 30 students from EC Bristol school went on the trip to Elan Valley. Luke, the activity leader of EC Bristol, was our tour guide for this day trip. After we crossed the river Severn by the n … Read more

Academic Lecture about Bristol Zoo!

                Today we had a fabulous activity in our school and I was happy to be able to join it. My name is Alexandra Schmidt and I came from Germany to EC Bristol to do an internship at the reception. Two lovely volunteers from ‘Bristol Zoo Gardens’, Dia … Read more

Short story: ‘I’m not Santiago!’

Alex, Ziyad and Marta, student from our EC Bristol’s English Grammar class, have written a short story about a Colombian student. There was a lonely boy who had been named Sebastian. He had looked for a new name. He had been asking people for ideas and the result was Santiago. After a few week … Read more

Summer Boat Party with EC Bristol!

Not long ago EC Bristol organised a summer boat party on the river Avon. All the students played some music and danced. They also enjoyed a nice round trip on the boat.   It was a fun afternoon!       EC Bristol is a language school which runs English courses but also organises activities for studen … Read more

Cooking with Lisa!

Sometimes when you are abroad, you would like to try as many things as possible of the new country. So you go and explore! But sometimes you are homesick. And what reminds you most of home? Food! Take a bite. Close your eyes. And it is as if you were home. So, let’s write about a Dutch recipe. My fa … Read more

Yujin writes about doing Yoga at EC Bristol!

“I am so happy to find yoga class in EC. Katerina is such a great teacher bringing fun, humour and passion. And after class I can feel relaxed in my body and mind. She always considers new students who learn yoga first and plans various level yoga postures in order to follow every students. I think … Read more