3 Great Reasons to Study English in Bristol

3 Great Reasons to Study English in Bristol

Bristol is the largest city in the United Kingdom’s southwest and is also one of the largest communication centers in the country. With gorgeous landscapes and its diverse, multicultural environment, Bristol is undoubtedly an excellent option for those who are looking to learn or perfect their English. Today we present three of the reasons why learning English in Bristol may be your best option. Home to Successful Creative Companies The city is famous for its great communities of artists, designers, photographers and writers among others. So, if you are looking to study in a city full of professionals, Bristol is ideal. You’ll meet young local entrepreneurs and you can study with people who, like you, are in the city for professional reasons. EC Bristol, for example, offers English for Work courses that will help prepare you for entering the world of business on an international level. In addition, EC students can benefit from taking free workshops such as the “pronunciation clinic” or sessions such as “tea and conversation” that help them strengthen and practice their knowledge. In addition, EC offers an orientation service to help its students find work in the United Kingdom or to apply for university or a higher education. Benefit from Great Prices Although Bristol is less than two hours by train from London, it as approx. 26% cheaper to live in. In fact, it has been shown that the cost of renting in Bristol is 50% cheaper than in London! So, those who decide to study in this beautiful city can have their English experience without the high prices of the capital. In addition, EC offer accommodation either in a student residence or with a local family. Those who stay with a local family can practice what they learn and benefit from the knowledge, culture and … Read more

Lara and her friends at the CSB

Bristol Guarantees Students a Wealth of Experience

Why choose to study at an English school in Bristol? Bristol is one of Britain’s most famous cities and every year attracts students from all walks of life from all over the world. It is a young and stylish city with some of the most beautiful countryside in England. Studying English in an English-speaking environment guarantees you a wealth of experience, growth, confidence and linguistic development that will undoubtedly attract future employers. In Bristol you will have the opportunity to follow various types of English language courses, based on your ability and goals, such as General English courses, IELTS exam preparation courses or Cambridge English exams, English for Work courses, and more, taught by our qualified teachers, who meet high quality standards and are chosen not only for their experience, but also for their enthusiasm, positive attitude and their ability to make learning English fun. Study English and Work in Bristol The student who learns English in Bristol often ends up falling madly in love with the city, so much so that he decides to stay and work if possible. Receiving language training in the UK can prove to be a great help in finding a job. For example, thanks to our English for Work course you will be able to communicate in all business situations, you will become confident in interacting with colleagues and you can use English to achieve your goals. In addition to improving your English, you will also develop many other skills, such as the ability to solve problems, prepare for meetings and discuss various topics in a professional manner: all qualities that will prove invaluable in the advancement of your career. We also offer many types of activities to help students make the most of their time in Bristol and to maximise their opportunities to … Read more

EC Bristol Student, Anita

Anita talks about learning English at EC Bristol

Anita from Slovakia talks about why she chose to improve her English at EC Bristol. Why did you choose EC Bristol? I chose EC Bristol because my friend told me that Bristol is a nice city. I looked for English schools in Bristol and I was interested in EC but also in other schools. However, I chose your school. What did you like most about EC teachers? I like the activities, the energy, they were helpful, kind and imaginative. I had fun with them. Which experience will you never forget at EC? My first moment was, I didn’t understand anything. Greatest experience was to understand and learn to take care for me. All two weeks were an amazing experience. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Maybe I would like to visit Bristol again. I am interested in studying and having fun. The professional teachers were unbelievable!

EC Bristol Pre-Intermediate’s Comic Strips

Caroline’s Pre-Intermediate class at EC have made some comic strips and would like to share them. The one below was created by students Maria from Mexico and Taher from Saudi Arabia. Here’s another amazing comic strip created by Sang Hun from South Korea, Juliana from Mexico and Najat from Libya.   If you wish to get more information about our English courses, go to our EC Bristol’s website.

Helena speaks about the Elan Valley excursion!

Helena from Czech Republic speaks about the Elan Valley trip organised by EC Bristol. On Saturday 15th August, 30 students from EC Bristol school went on the trip to Elan Valley. Luke, the activity leader of EC Bristol, was our tour guide for this day trip. After we crossed the river Severn by the new bridge, our first stop was Raglan Castle. On our way we enjoyed the scenic countryside overlooking the Pen-y-Garreg and Craig-Goch. We learned a lot about the history of the reservoirs and the dams. They were built a hundred years ago to supply clean water to Birmingham. We had a picnic and some refreshments at Builth Wells. We were told a bit more about the flora and fauna of the Elan Valley. We saw so many sheep! I think it was a successful Saturday which fulfilled our expectations! 🙂  

‘I really enjoyed the Harbour Festival’ writes Raphaelle

What is the Bristol Harbourside Festival? and what can you do? It’s the Bristol’s biggest FREE event happening in July with three days of cultural celebrations. The Bristol Harbourside Festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to explore the two mile stretch of the harbour featuring seven areas including dance, music, children’s activities, a busy on-water programme and phenomenal circus performances. How to be well prepared for the Harbour Festival? To go to the Harbour Festival it is better to be prepared and for that you will need: – One blanket to be able to sit down everywhere without wondering if it is clean or not like that you can listen to the music for hours! – One bottle of water, it is always good to have water and better to have your own and keep your money to buy something else! – One little bag, do not bring too much stuff, there is lot of people. – Some cash because you can’t pay by card in every stands. My favourites of the Harbour Festival 2015 were: – The band Foreign Affairs (they were playing at the Glastonbury Festival as well) there was a very summery and convivial atmosphere at the Thekla stage, their energy has englobed the crowd!   – The stand of home-made jewels and mugs, careful to love crush because you may spend a lot of money! – The French “saucissons” stand was also one of my favourites, they had various tastes: cepes, olive, garlic, cheese, duck and many others!   If you study English at EC Bristol, you will have the opportunity to take part in many events/festivals run by the fantastic city of Bristol. Check out further information about English courses in Bristol.

Academic Lecture about Bristol Zoo!

                Today we had a fabulous activity in our school and I was happy to be able to join it. My name is Alexandra Schmidt and I came from Germany to EC Bristol to do an internship at the reception. Two lovely volunteers from ‘Bristol Zoo Gardens’, Diane and Mary, came to visit our school and tell us about the zoo and its history. We heard about the animals living in the zoo, Henry Riley, the founder, and how they managed to bring all the exotic animals to Bristol Zoo. It was very interesting for us as they showed a lot of videos and pictures in their presentation. But even better than just looking at pictures of animals is to be able to see them live – and we had the chance to!! Diane and Mary brought some animals from the zoo – there were tiger snails, a giant spiny stick insect, a Chilean rose tarantula and a cockroach.                 As you can see in the pictures below we were all very thrilled about the animals since we were allowed to touch them.    All in all, it was an extraordinary experience for us and we are all thinking about going to the zoo together.     Thanks to Diane and Mary! Alexandra Schmidt If you wish to study English at EC Bristol, please go to the following link: http://www.ecenglish.com/en/school-locations/uk/learn-english-in-bristol/english-courses    

Short story: ‘I’m not Santiago!’

Alex, Ziyad and Marta, student from our EC Bristol’s English Grammar class, have written a short story about a Colombian student. There was a lonely boy who had been named Sebastian. He had looked for a new name. He had been asking people for ideas and the result was Santiago. After a few weeks, he loved his name and became the ‘Shakamaka’. He was happy for the rest of his life.

Summer Boat Party with EC Bristol!

Not long ago EC Bristol organised a summer boat party on the river Avon. All the students played some music and danced. They also enjoyed a nice round trip on the boat.   It was a fun afternoon!       EC Bristol is a language school which runs English courses but also organises activities for students. Find out more on about English classes in Bristol  

Lisa tells about her trip to Glastonbury, Cheddar & Wells!

Saturday morning I stood at quarter past nine in front of the Hippodrome, ready to join a trip organised by EC Bristol school. When everyone was loaded in the coach, it was time to start the journey to Cheddar, Wells and Glastonbury. Somewhere I felt the urge to start singing school trip songs. However, as I didn’t know any songs in English and I would have been lonely to sing the dutch versions, I just remained quiet. The first stop was Cheddar. Before I went, I only thought that it sounds like cheese and it really was. As it is the birth place of the Cheddar cheese. We came there a bit behind of schedule as we rode into the first roadblock on our way there. However, when we arrived we went first to the cheese museum, with a short film about making cheese and we learned what cheddering was. At twelve we were back in the bus with probably more pieces of cheese than people. On our way to…. No, not Wells. The trip locations were swapped because of the weather forecast. So, we went on to Glastonbury. After another roadblock, we arrived into the hippie capital of the world. It has something to do with energy fields or something. So we walked passed a lot of places where Diagon Alley would be jealous off. We sat down in a coffee shop and ate some lunch (it was a good chicken burger with two pieces of chicken!), before we almost literally run back to the bus not to miss it. On our way to the hill, as well known as the Isle of Avalon, we passed our third roadblock. We turned around and came across the place where we just were and started walked up the hill. We hiked upon it. We climbed … Read more