Student Has Busy/Great First Week


I am Nicola Sgaramella and I am here in EC Cambridge in order to improve my english but, at the same time, I am working in a restaurant as waiter just to practice my english after EC lessons.
I have found my job thanks to the “EC JOB CLUB” which gave me all the information to settle in Cambridge and find a job: a complete list of all pubs, restaurant, cafe, colleges; all the information about national insurance number, bank account; all the information in order to write a good curriculum vitae.
After that, I have walked around Cambridge with all the information that EC gave to me, i have left my cv in every restaurant, pub or cafe mentionated by the EC JOB CLUB and, finally, I have found a job.
All that in one week, my first week in Cambridge!

Nicola Alessandro Sgaramella

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