EC Cambridge joins the Blog spot!!

I am proud to announce that EC Cambridge has now converted; we are finally part of the paperless newsletter society known as Bloggers. How very exciting!! I am trying to come up with a very crafty Blog name for when I sign off. A few of the options were The Cambloggger (sounds like something you need a suppository for) or The Stig but that name was apparently already taken. I have decided to keep it clean and simple, from now on I will simply be known as THE CAMBRIDGE BLOGGER. In my new role as Blogger I am here to update you with information about our School, English classes and our general activities (No this does not mean following the staff around with a video camera posting their most embarrassing moments on the net albeit a very tempting idea, thee hee hee). No my role is to keep you updated on The EC Cambridge Academic and Social front. I will do my best to be an informative Blogger and find the juiciest stories and most useful info. Looking forward to our next meeting here on the virtual playground! Watch this space as tons of fun is sure to follow… The Cambridge Blogger over and out.