Travel and Study with EC Cambridge

Explore the UK and study at the same time! Let’s face it all work and no play makes life pretty boring that’s why at EC Cambridge we offer students the opportunity to travel and explore parts of the UK whilst studying. Every week we create an activities list displaying all our school social events and a page dedicated to trips and excursions. Students have the option of Travelling to London theatre and seeing world famous plays preformed on stage or for those a bit more adventurous we offer day and weekend trips to a variety of places including Bath, Stonehenge, Brighton, Scotland and many more. Please pick up an activity list from the school reception and remember to sign up every Tuesday in the internet room.

”Professor Nigel” Explains!!

At EC Cambridge, we have noticed that many students call Nigel ”Professor Nigel”. There could be various reasons for this! a. He really is a professor. b. He’s rather elderly,has greying hair,needs reading glasses,and wears a suit. c. There’s a mix up between the names for an English language school teacher and the head of a university department or d. Something else! Recent scientific research has shown that students calling Nigel ”Professor Nigel” are receiving significantly better reports than those just saying ”Nigel”. You may still be rather confused by all this, but, the next time you see him, it might be a good idea to say, ”Hi, there, Professor. How are you doing?” 🙂 Nigel Newbrook

Burritos special deal to EC Cambridge Students

Manna Mexico is offering a special to all EC Cambridge English language students. During the month of February students will receive a 2 for 1 Burritos special every Mon -Fri upon presenting their photo cards from the school. Manna Mexico is located on 33 Regent street and is open from 11am -10pm everyday. Make sure you don’t miss out on this yummy special. ENJOY !

EC Cambridge Job Club

EC Cambridge would like to invite all our language students looking for Part time work to join our EC Job club held every Thursday afternoon in the Library. EC Job club is a very useful service we offer to assist students in finding part time work whilst they study. Some of the services included are • Free CV Workshops • Free Interview skills workshops • Assistance with obtaining a national Insurance number Working part time is a great way of making some extra money and improving your English language skills in an external environment. Please feel free to come and join the EC Job club meetings . See you soon

EC Cambridge waffle night

Hi English language learners, When I say Quiz night you might have images of terrified English language students chewing away at their pencils popping into your head. This is not the case when EC Cambridge hosts a quiz night. OH NO! Tasty Waffles and student laughter filling the air rings true to an EC Cambridge style Waffle quiz night party! Bit of a mouth full (just like the waffles he he) Students were challenged to test their general knowledge skills whilst enjoying some delicious waffles and socializing with fellow language students. English teacher Nigel was our MC for the night and had students and staff pondering away at the quiz questions he presented. In the end we had a tie between two teams and the winners fate rested upon the toss of a coin. We all had tons of fun and planning for the next Waffle party is already underway….SEE YOU THERE!!

Proud of our EC English students!

EC Cambridge would like to congratulate all our English language students who took part in the December exams. WE ARE EXTREMELY PROUD OF YOU! The grades earned by our students pay tribute to all the hard work they have put in and is a big compliment to all those English teachers who have helped our students achieve these outstanding results! Results Cambridge Exams- December 2009 CPE A B C Number Of Student Passes 1 Total Number Of Candidates 1 CAE A B C Number Of Student Passes 6 6 5 Total Number Of Candidates 19 FCE A B C Number Of Student Passes 1 3 13 Total Number Of Candidates 21

Free English Lessons!!

All good things in life are free so it goes without saying that we decided to provide our students with a few Free English lessons in the week! Yes that’s right FREE English lessons! At EC Cambridge we encourage our students to make the most of their English studies. To help our students achieve this we offer free English lessons 3 times a week! All students are more than welcome to come and join in the free lessons held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please collect an activity program to see what time and where the lessons will take place.

Winter Wonderland!!!

What a fantastic sight to behold. Cambridge all covered in white!!! The Students and Staff of EC Cambridge were treated to a magical winter wonderland scene that Mother Nature created. The Cambridge School looked like a building from a fairytale story all covered in soft white snow. Not to miss out on the fun students and Staff alike took a break from work and study to have a bit of fun in the snow. SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!