EC Cambridge waffle night

Yummy waffle!!Hi English language learners,

When I say Quiz night you might have images of terrified English language students chewing away at their pencils popping into your head. This is not the case when EC Cambridge hosts a quiz night. OH NO!

Tasty Waffles and student laughter filling the air rings true to an EC Cambridge style Waffle quiz night party! Bit of a mouth full (just like the waffles he he)

Students were challenged to test their general knowledge skills whilst enjoying some delicious waffles and socializing with fellow language students.

English teacher Nigel was our MC for the night and had students and staff pondering away at the quiz questions he presented. In the end we had a tie between two teams and the winners fate rested upon the toss of a coin. We all had tons of fun and planning for the next Waffle party is already underway….SEE YOU THERE!!

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