Spring term starting soon!

Just a quick reminder to all students who are interested in our EC Cambridge evening classes the term is due to commence on the 14 APRIL 2009. Tuesday and Thursday classes are from 19:30-21:30 Saturday lessons are from 9:00 – 1300 See you soon


ATTENTION ALL ADVANCED LEVEL STUDENTS EC Cambridge is searching for 3 suitable candidates to join our busy team during the summer months Students must: Be able to communicate to a high level in English Have basic knowledge of working on computers Be able to answer the phone in a friendly, polite man … Read more


Yay!!! The summer is approaching fast now and soon we will be enjoying long sunny days and weekends spent relaxing in the park. All EC students please remember to set your clocks forward by one hour on Sunday the 29 March 2009. Don’t forget to do this as you will miss an hour of your morning lessons … Read more

The Big Race!!!

The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race takes place on Sunday 29 March 2009 and has been described by some as the world’s longest surviving sporting challenge. It is an annual event, which takes place on the River Thames in London, between students from these the Oxford and Cambridge universities. The Ox … Read more

Some interesting facts about Cambridge!

Cambridge by the Numbers: Population: 120,000 ( city ); 130,000 ( metropolitan ) Elevation: 49 m / 161 ft Average Rainfall: 53 cm / 21 in Average Snowfall: 25 cm / 9.8 in Average January temperature: 2°C / 36°F Average July temperature: 16°C / 61°F Quick Facts: Time zone: GMT Electricity: 240 volts … Read more