The perfect place to study English

River CamWhy EC Cambridge is the perfect Language school!

OUR SCHOOL: The school is a friendly comfortable environment where students and teachers interact with each other. The school is ideally located to cater for every possible need our students might have, post offices, bus station, food stores and more are but a few min walk away. Another big bonus for all our students is the easy access to the Grand arcade shopping centre located just behind the school making every break the ideal opportunity to do a bit of retail therapy.

THE LOCATION: Cambridge, looking at brochure pictures does not do it justice. The gorgeous willow lined river Cam and spectacular parks makes Cambridge the perfect place to visit and enjoy long walks in nature after a long day of studying. The fantastic architecture of the buildings and the lively vibe of the city create the perfect balance for those who seek relaxation/ sightseeing and for those students who enjoy a more energy packed get away. Cambridge has it all!

Cambridge caters for every need a student could have. Nature lovers, social addicts and travel focused students will all enjoy visiting Cambridge it is ideal for everyone and students of all ages making Cambridge the best study destination by far !!!

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