London calling!

EC Cambridge: Our London trip (by Jenny W.): This Saturday we had a fantastic day trip to the UK’s capital city, London. The day started with a great guided tour which taught us many interesting facts about the historic places and buildings of London; we saw Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, The London Eye, Tower of London, Tower Bridge and many other famous sights. Later we had some free time to look shop and relax in beautiful Covent Garden. We watched the famous street artists and enjoyed the amazing weather. What a great day !!

Fun at the Fair

Despite the initial downpour of rain, the students visited the Cambridge summer fair on Midsomer Common. The fair boasted dozens of high-action, adreneline-fuelled amusements and rides. An enjoyable night-out for all!


Chris Greaves, Programme Manager – EC Junior Programme “My name is Chris, full name Christopher. My hobbies are tennis, the outdoors, walking and seeing my friends. I love rollercoasters but I don’t like onions! I was born in Lancaster, UK – a small town in the north of the England. I speak English and another language (but I’m not telling you which!). I intend Summer 2009 to be a fantastic, fun-filled experience for all students. I hope that everyone enjoys their time at EC Cambridge and if you have any questions or problems, please contact me! Be good and have a great time in Cambridge!” Charles Voisin,EC Office Intern Hi. I am Charles, one of the interns at EC Cambridge and my summer plans are to assist the busy staff until September. Belgium is the country I miss when I’m touring or working in Italy, Spain, Portugal … or in the UK! That’s the reason I have rarely had the chance to speak my native language French the past three years. I enjoy making use of my language skills whenever possible and they have proven to be extremely handy during my internship. My future career goal is to find a multilingual administrator role in a European customer service team…only after a long enjoyable holiday home that is! Milla Basmakova, EC Summer Transport Coordinator Hey, my name’s Milla. I study languages at the University of Cambridge during the academic year, but this summer I’m helping at this exciting English School. My friends know me as a person with no public appeal. Must say nothing bores me more than political novels and the literature of social intent, but I love horseback riding and can spend hours in the fields. I prefer the specific detail to the generalisation, images to ideas, and obscure … Read more

And so it begins…

Today is the first day of the Cambridge Junior Programme 2009 and it has got off to a flying start! The students had a welcome tour of Cambridge and were immersed in its grand history, stunning architecture and beautiful surroundings. The evening was fun-filled with games and music…P-p-p-poker face!!! Here’s to a great summer ahead!

Summer’s Almost Here!

Next week is the start of EC’s Junior Programme in Cambridge. Over the summer we are expecting 600 students to visit us; some staying for two weeks and some staying for eight! We are really looking forward to greeting students from all over the world: China, Italy, Spain, France, Brazil (to name just a few!). At EC Cambridge, we promise the following: · To give you an unforgettable summer – including trips to Oxford/London and lots of fun-filled activities · You will make new friends – hopefully for life! · You will have lots of chance to practice your English every day 2009 promises to be the BEST EVER summer for EC Junior programme. Come back for updates on pictures on Facebook and right here on the EC Cambridge blog! See you all soon!! EC Junior Programme Staff

Nigel’s “Villa”

Some students at EC Cambridge think that Nigel has a villa at the seaside in Italy. There are various reasons for this:   (a) he is always talking about going to see “the villa” (b) he has been teaching for ages and must be a millionaire by now! (c) he drinks Italian wine like a fish   However recent research has revealed that Nigel supports a football team called “Aston Villa” from Birmingham. Nigel doesn’t live anywhere near this city, but he used to and he says that English men aren’t allowed to change their football team, although they are allowed to change their wife!   EC Cambridge students supporting Aston Villa appear to be getting substantially better reports than those who do not. It might be a good idea, therefore, if Nigel is our next teacher to say “Up the Villa!” or “Come on, you Villa Boys!”