Nigel’s “Villa”

NigelSome students at EC Cambridge think that Nigel has a villa at the seaside in Italy. There are various reasons for this:


(a) he is always talking about going to see “the villa”

(b) he has been teaching for ages and must be a millionaire by now!

(c) he drinks Italian wine like a fish


414px-aston_villa_fcHowever recent research has revealed that Nigel supports a football team called “Aston Villa” from Birmingham. Nigel doesn’t live anywhere near this city, but he used to and he says that English men aren’t allowed to change their football team, although they are allowed to change their wife!


EC Cambridge students supporting Aston Villa appear to be getting substantially better reports than those who do not. It might be a good idea, therefore, if Nigel is our next teacher to say “Up the Villa!” or “Come on, you Villa Boys!”


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