You are the weakest link…goodbye!

This Monday’s EC Cambridge Junior Programme welcome activity was The Weakest Link. Quizmaster Chris hosted the evening with a mixture of different categories…including world flags, pop music and even a food tasting round! You have to feel sorry for the poor person who had to taste Marmite – she hated it!! Quizmaster Chris was dressed in his formal quiz clothes and did not refrain from telling people exactly what he thought of them!

Who Dunnit!?

THURSDAY  ACTIVITY – Murder Mystery Hunt (by Charles – EC Cambridge Intern 2009) It was a midsomer’s day in Parkside School when the EC social leader, Chris, was found dead with a terrible wound to his forehead. The police were called and they said it was very likely that Chris had been murdered. EC Young Learners had to find out who, where and how Chris was actually killed by scouring the streets of Cambridge for clues. It turned out that the social leader, Sarah, had committed the crime. She had reportedly killed Chris with a baseball bat at St Catherine’s college. However the motive is still unknown at the moment…we will let you decide!

Nigel’s First Lesson

Once upon a time (actually, it was many many years ago!) there was an enthusiastic young teacher known as ‘New Nigel’, who had made a special study of pronunciation teaching on his Diploma training course. This is how his first lesson went: Nigel: Good morning, students! 1st Student: Hallo, teacher. I living tomorrow. Nigel: Ah, I’m leaving tomorrow. 1st student: You. too? Nigel: No, I’m not leaving – I’ve only just arrived! 1st Student: Then why you say you living when you not living? Nigel: Well, the point is I am living. As a matter of fact, all the teachers are living! 1st Student: All the teachers? This is crazy! I think is good thing I living tomorrow. 2nd Student: Teacher, tomorrow you like come with me for fish and ships? Nigel: Ah, you mean ‘fish and chips’! 2nd Student: No, teacher, you have wrong. My father is Admiral and we have fish on one of his ships! 3rd Student: Teacher, yesterday I washed the television. Nigel: Ah, you watched the television. 3rd Student: No, teacher, I didn’t. The room is very dirty so I wash always the screen! (Fortunately the bell rang at this point and Nigel went off to the pub, wondering about different job opportunities!)

Two little ducks…all the twos

EC Big-Prize Bingo was on this Monday’s welcome evening agenda. Amongst the prizes were our very own EC Team t-shirts along with the very stylish EC backpacks. Welcome to all the new students, we hope your test was ok!

Cast your votes…it’s election time!

By Winnie S. Students on the EC Cambridge Junior Programme had their say on the course last night in a lively battle to become EC President. 13 parties, plus some last-minute entrants, meant that the electorate faced a wealth of choices ranging from the moderate (Oxford) to the highly liberal and fringe parties (Scottish Metal Pirates’ Liberation Front)! The eventual winners were clearly inspired by the recent US elections in more ways than one: a reformist manifesto (headed by the favourite, if idealistic, pledge of the night: “More Free Time”), a charismatic leader, and a dedicated and vocal team of supporters, who raised the party cry of “YAAN CAN!” at strategic points throughout the night. The other parties were more than up to the challenge, however, producing a very close result. The suspense of a close race, together with the audience’s enthusiasm, combined to create an atmosphere that was free, fair, and fun.

Please don’t stop the music !

Yesterday evening the EC Young Learners headed downtown to the Junction Discotheque to participate in the ultimate break-dance contest. Many of them showing off some amazing acrobatic moves in turns doing a dance-off. Once again the Cambridge Juniors revealed they were a surprisingly talented group, making EC School live up to its reputation.

First day at EC Cambridge

Language Students write about their first day at EC Cambridge Jesus Manso: “My first day at EC has been very nice because I was nervous and when the day finished with a very good dinner I was calm and sure” Alejandro Duran: “It was really exciting meeting people from other nationalities!” Sophie Hoeffler: “I found Cambridge is a beautiful city. I met some new people, very kind and helpful” Alejandro Dengra: “I like to meet a lot of people and the school staff is very nice!” Shareefa Iss Al Sulaiti: “I liked the welcome tour Cambridge is beautiful” Joo Won Park: “Very interesting to meet new friends!”

English rules!

EC endeavours to provide all young learners with a varied and interesting English programme – with a mixture of grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Lessons are designed to be as creative and innovative as possible. Here are some of the young learners in action!