Cast your votes…it’s election time!

By Winnie S.
Students on the EC Cambridge Junior Programme had their say on the course last night in a lively battle to become EC President. 13 parties, plus some last-minute entrants, meant that the electorate faced a wealth of choices ranging from the moderate (Oxford) to the highly liberal and fringe parties (Scottish Metal Pirates’ Liberation Front)!
The eventual winners were clearly inspired by the recent US elections in more ways than one: a reformist manifesto (headed by the favourite, if idealistic, pledge of the night: “More Free Time”), a charismatic leader, and a dedicated and vocal team of supporters, who raised the party cry of “YAAN CAN!” at strategic points throughout the night. The other parties were more than up to the challenge, however, producing a very close result. The suspense of a close race, together with the audience’s enthusiasm, combined to create an atmosphere that was free, fair, and fun.

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