Meet some of the Teachers at EC Cambridge! EC language students could be taught English language by the following teachers whilst attending an  English language course at EC Cambridge Viviene Wand 1. Which country and city were you born in? I grew up in a village close to Cambridge when I left schoo … Read more

Joke of the month!

(Teacher Nigel says this is one of his best jokes. If you have a better one please hand it to us in the Internet room) Situation: At the breakfast table John: I don’t want to go to school today! Mary: Why not? John: Well the students don’t like me.The teachers don’t like me,and eve … Read more


SITUATION: AT THE END OF A RESTAURANT MEAL Nigel: Bill, please! Bill (the waiter): Yes, sir! Nigel: Bill, please! Waiter: Yes, I’m here sir! Nigel: I’d like the bill, please! Waiter: You want a dollar bill? Nigel: No, I’d like to pay! Waiter: Oh, you’re done, sir? Nigel: No, I haven’t done anything … Read more