Meet some of the Teachers at EC Cambridge! EC language students could be taught English language by the following teachers whilst attending an  English language course at EC Cambridge Viviene Wand 1. Which country and city were you born in? I grew up in a village close to Cambridge when I left school I worked for the BBC in London 2. How long have you been living in Cambridge? I moved back to Cambridge in 2000 3. Which country or city did you live in before you came to Cambridge? I have lived in several different countries including America, Singapore, Norway and Scotland. 4. What kind of things do you like to do in your free time? I enjoy walking, meeting friends for coffee and playing tennis (very badly) 5. Are there any things you really do not like to do? Buying food in a supermarket-it takes so long and I always forget something 6. Do you speak other languages? I love trying to speak French and try to study for a few minutes every day. I studied Norwegian for 3 years but I have forgotten most of it now 7. Would you like to live in another country? If yes which one and why? I’m Happy in England at the moment but I wish we had a bit more sunshine in the summer 8. Have you always been a teacher ot have you had a job in a different area? Before working at EC my last job was in a English secondary school, helping pupils who couldn’t speak English. 9. What do you like about working as a teacher? Meeting students from so many different countries and seeing them make friends and enjoy their stay in Cambridge Christy Lane 1. Which country and city were you born in? Northampton, … Read more

Joke of the month!

(Teacher Nigel says this is one of his best jokes. If you have a better one please hand it to us in the Internet room) Situation: At the breakfast table John: I don’t want to go to school today! Mary: Why not? John: Well the students don’t like me.The teachers don’t like me,and even the cleaning lady doesn’t like me! Mary: Well,you must go! John: Why? Mary: Well for one you are 40 years old and for the other thing, you’re the headmaster!


SITUATION: AT THE END OF A RESTAURANT MEAL Nigel: Bill, please! Bill (the waiter): Yes, sir! Nigel: Bill, please! Waiter: Yes, I’m here sir! Nigel: I’d like the bill, please! Waiter: You want a dollar bill? Nigel: No, I’d like to pay! Waiter: Oh, you’re done, sir? Nigel: No, I haven’t done anything – I’d just like to pay for my meal! Waiter: Oh, I see sir, the check! Nigel: No, I always pay by credit card – I haven’t got any cheques! Waiter: No, sir, I have all the checks – here’s yours! (Nigel pays by credit card and starts to leave). Waiter: Excuse me, sir – the gratuity? Nigel: Pardon? Waiter: A tip, please sir? Nigel: A tip – oh, some advice! Well, stop smoking and go to bed earlier! (Bill is not very pleased) Waiter: Thank you, sir. This really has been an off-day for me! Nigel: Oh, you should be having the day off? Waiter: No, sir, my day off is tomorrow. Nigel: Oh, so you’ll be back at work on Wednesday? Waiter: Yes, sir. Nigel: Oh, good, then I’ll be back here for lunch. Waiter: It’ll be my pleasure! (Ask your teacher to explain if you’re confused!)