EC World Cup

As you all probably know, the EC Cambridge teams were not exactly the stars of the EC World Cup.

Starting with the Cambridge A***Kickers, they, or should I say, we lost our first game 9-0 against London Galaxy (who, in all fairness turned out to be the champions). After that A***Kicking, we were too demotivated to even remotely try to score a goal.

Cambridge Wolves did somewhat better… they ended up losing 9-2 againt London Galaxy, which wasn’t as bad as the A***Kickers at least.

Cambridge Utd were the stars of Cambridge. They made it to the Semi-Final where they lost to London Galaxy with a score of 4-3. They then beat Brighton C with a score of 4-1 which put them into 3rd place.

Well done to all for the great turnout and for your team spirit… (except for Cambridge A****Kickers who should be shamed of themselves 🙂

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