World cup fever has struck the World and here at EC Cambridge we are no different.

Between your English Language Classes, we will be playing as many games we can in the computer room.

Here is the group stage fixtures. Keep an eye on the blogs as Knock-out stage fixtures will follow!

June 11th

South Africa vs Mexico (15:00)

June 14th

Holland vs Denmark (12:30)

Japan vs Cameroon (15:00)

June 15th

New Zealand vs Slovakia (12.30)

Portugal vs Ivory Coast (15:00)

June 16th

Honduras vs Chile (12:30)

Spain vs Switzerland (15:00)

June 17th

Argentina vs South Korea (12:30)

Greece vs Nigeria (15:00)

June 18th

Germany vs Serbia (12:30)

Slovenia vs USA (15:00)

June 21st

Portugal vs North Korea (12:30)

Chile vs Switzerland (15:00)

June 22nd

France vs South Africa (15:00)

June 23rd

Slovenia vs England (15:00)

June 24th

Slovakia vs Italy (15:00)

June 25th

Portugal vs Brazil (15:00)

So come and join in the fun at EC Cambridge

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