EC Cambridge Juniors Trash Fashion Night

To say goodbye to those of us who were leaving this week we held a Trash Fashion Show and Disco! The idea was to chose a model from your group and make the best costume that you could for them out of whatever you could find! The competition was judged by a couple of our social leaders and was a very … Read more

EC Cambridge Juniors visit Christ’s College Cambridge

During this week we’ve run a few tours to Christ’s college Cambridge. We’ve been able to get right inside one of Cambridge’s leading Colleges, which was originally established in 1437! Famous people who have attended Christ’s College include Charles Darwin, TV historian … Read more

EC Cambridge Juniors go to The Place!

As a welcome to all our new students last week we went down to a venue called ‘The Place’. There’s no better way to get to know your fellow students and make friends with the new arrivals than to chat and dance for a few hours. Throwing some shapes on the dancefloor! Those of us wh … Read more


Hi all Just a quick note from our Social Leader Mark If you would like to come to Great St.Mary’s Tower then please be aware of the following points: For health and safety reasons, there is a maximum of twenty people allowed on the tower at any time. If more than twenty people arrive then some … Read more


|Sun 1st Stratford upon Avon and Warwick Castle Visit Stratford upon Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare, and see the house where he was born in 1564, as well as the church where he is now buried, and other places important to the poet during his life. There is also a market and great shopping c … Read more

EC Cambridge Juniors take to the river and the court!

On Thursday afternoon we went to to the river to go punting, something that people have been doing in Cambridge for over 100 years! Students took it in turns to punt each other up and down the river Cam in the sunshine…check out the photos! After punting it was straight to Parker’s Piece … Read more


If you like Thorpe Park, you have got to try Alton Towers. The mother of all British Theme Parks! On Saturday the 7th of August we travel to Alton Towers. Its the countries largest Theme Park and has some of the most exciting rides in the world! Experience the speed of Rita, the dramatic plunge to t … Read more

Night life at EC Cambridge

After your English Language Classes at EC Cambridge we know that our students like to let their hair down. There are a range of things to do in Cambridge in the evenings. You can catch a film at one of the three cinemas in the city centre, go bowling, or enjoy one of the many fantastic restaurants w … Read more

EC Cambridge Juniors climb Great St Mary’s tower

One great way to see Cambridge is by climbing the 123 steps to the top of the tower of Great St Mary’s church. There has been a church on that site in the very centre of Cambridge since about 1200AD. Check out the view from the top…!

EC Cambridge Juniors go speed dating!

All aboard the love boat! As our welcome night activity this week we organised a ‘speed dating’ night with the Junior programme. It was a great way to get to know each other and the new people who have just started the course! Students have a couple of minutes to ask each other questions … Read more