An advanced level student, Inmi Heo, wrote this summary of a English Language lecture she attended recently as part of the Academic Year programme here at EC CAMBRIDGE. The English Language Class she was attending was about Cambridge. Cambridge: Town and Gown (Lecturer: Angela Brown) Two thousand years ago, the River Cam, was very deep. At that time, the North of Cambridge was very wild and water covered the land, making it quite dangerous. Some areas, such as Ely, were slightly higher than others. About 1,000 years ago, a girl was murdered in Oxford. A man had five students hanged, so other students ran away and came to Cambridge. They started to come to the church and this formed the beginning of Cambridge University. A market has been here for 1,000 years. In 1575 Queen Elizabeth I gave the town an official Coat of Arms. If you stand on the Market Square, you will see this emblem on the front of The Guildhall. The blue part at the bottom represents Cambridge, the yellow part a bridge, and the red a castle: the silver roses stand for education and learning. If you walk along beside The Guildhall you come to EC school, which is above ‘The Cow’. In the ‘Cow’ people sold cows and in the Corn Exchange (next door to EC school) they killed cows. The scenes carved in stone on the Corn Exchange represent what life was like on a farm. Most children spent each day scaring birds away from the food that was growing in the fields. In Fen-edge towns, people grew plants. After Clare college was burnt, it was rebuilt like a queen’s palace. Believe it or not, one Christmas recently, students secretly climbed up to the top of the Zoology Museum during the night and put a Christmas hat on the top! … Read more

EC Cambridge students visit the Archaeology and Anthropology Museum.

Here at EC Cambridge, we like to give our English Language Students something to help develop their English outside the classroom, even if the weather is not at its best! So, EC Cambridge students took a break from the weather yesterday and visited the fascinating Cambridge Archaeology and Anthropology Museum. The Museum contains artefacts from all over the world and from all parts of history! Remember visits like this are part of our free activity program! Pick up next weeks from the computer room, common room or the academic office now!

Adult students take a break from English Classes to climb Great St Mary’s Tower

Great St Mary’s Tower is one of the most central points of Cambridge, located between the market place and Kings College. After their English Language Classes, a group of students joined Social Leader Mark to scale the 123 step medieval turret staircase. Once the climb is over, the views at the top our fantastic, looking out over Cambridge, Kings College and the market place. Take a look for yourself!

Hi all. Just a quick reminder that this Monday the 30th August is a bank holiday in the UK. This means that there will be no English Language Classes at EC Cambridge and the school will be closed. School will re-open on Tuesday the 31st of August at 08:30! So enjoy the long weekend and don’t forget we have a trip on the Monday to Notting Hill Carnival! Enjoy the weekend!


Throughout the summer between English Language Lessons, we have been running punting and this will continue into September as long as the weather allows it! Punting is great fun, so here’s a chance to get a quick peek at what your missing!


Here at EC Cambridge we teach English Classes. We know from years of experience that to help develop your English level, learning outside the classroom is really important. So what can you do? Well on top of the excursions and free activities we offer, as well as socialising as much as possible, I’d like to make you aware of another opportunity. MOVIE’S ON THE MEADOWS! On friday 27th -Sunday 29th, there is the Cambridge Movie Festival. This is a rare opportunity to watch one of three excellent films in the open air. These Include Eclipse, Up and Metropolis. Come and see me on details of how to book  or visit


Hi all A lot of the blogs we post are for current English language students and students coming to study English at EC Cambridge. However this blog is aimed at students who have left EC Cambridge to move on to new jobs and studies etc. At EC Cambridge we love to know what you think about your time here. We want to know what you thought about your English Language classes, your english teachers, the activity program and your accommodation at EC if you used it. You can express your thoughts and feelings about all of the above at click on Cambridge and write a review. Any current students, feel free to do this to and let me know when you have as there may be something in it for you!


On Monday the 30th of August Travelsights is offering a trip to Notting Hill Carnival. £20 will buy you a ticket to this English Festival. Its one non-stop party, with dancing in the streets and colourful all day costume parades. Its certainly one of the biggest street parties in the world! Although its on a Monday its a bank holiday so you won’t miss any of your English Language Lessons at EC cambridge. Come and see me [Mike] in the computer room to book your place, as its filling up fast!

EC Cambridge Juniors’ Got Talent!!!

This week on Friday night we held a Talent show at Parkside School for the students to showcase and show off any hidden talents! The show was set in the style of TV shows such as X factor, American Idol, and Britain’s Got Talent, with a panel of 4 judges passing comment on an giving marks to the acts. It was great to see that lots of students put themselves forward to perform in front of the rest of the junior programme (a crowd of about 300!!!). We had singers, pianists, a Greek dancing group, and even a juggler! Here are some photos of the night and those performers…