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Sun and Joao, in an intermediate class, wrote about New Year in their countries:

South Korea

Usually, Korean people make resolutions when a new year begins.

For example, ‘stop smoking’ or ‘stop drinking’, but it’s usually short-lived, often only lasting three days!

In Korea, There are two ‘New year’s days’.

One is the Solar New year on January 1st.

The other is New Year’s Day according to the lunar calendar in February

We eat stew in February. It’s made of Dderk, which is a traditional food in Korea.

We ring a big bell on January 1st to ring in the New Year.

This bell called a New Year’s Eve Bell.


In Brazil there are many different traditions, one of the most important is the colour of the clothes, because it represents what kind of luck the person wants for the next year.

The most popular is white. Everybody wears white clothes believing that they are going to have peace and harmony all year long. Usually there are parties all night, but the most important time is midnight, when everybody drinks champagne and give big hugs and kisses wishing each other happness and love in the new year.

Joao Vitor.

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