Game’s Night

Monday evening saw the construction of some weird and wonderful structures by EC Cambridge Junior Students. The object of this game was to construct something out of newspaper, cups and celetape that could hold an egg as high off the ground as possible. The winning team created an amazing, triangular based structure that held the egg a little over 7 feet off the ground! See below!


After this challenge the teams started the SPEED MUMMY CHALLENGE. Where the objective was to create an original mummy in the quickest time with nothing but paper. We saw some great entries from the teams, see their hard work below:

Game’s complete the students headed off home in celebration, ready for another day at the EC Cambridge Junior Summer Programme. Cambridge University Mugs were given out as prizes! The highly valued objects are difficult to obtain in Cambridge due to their demand and popularity. Tune in next time for another update on the 2011 Junior Summer Programme.