Prince William and Kate Middleton at EC Cambridge

As you are probably aware, Cambridge had a visit today from Prince William and Kate Middleton today. They were visiting the mayor of Cambridge right next to our School Building. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for video footage and photos! Here is a sneaky peek from when they arrived! And remebe … Read more

The Arrival of Christmas – EC Cambridge

The Christmas lights are on, it’s almost December and the days are getting shorter and shorter. Soon Santa Claus will be here. But who was Santa Claus and where did he come from? Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas, Father Christmas and simply “Santa“, is the primary i … Read more

This Weeks Excursions – EC Cambridge

This week we have trips to see We Will Rock You, War Horse, Brighton and Greenwich in London! These all amazing trips so make sure you see Mike to book your place!!!! Pick up your free activity programme or check the activities board in the computer room for more information. We will also be updatin … Read more

Don’t forget Kate & Wills – EC Cambridge

This Wednesday, we are expecting Prince William and Kate Middleton to visit us in Cambridge. They will be meeting the Mayor of Cambridge at the Guildhall, right next to EC Cambridges School Building! So bring your Cameras as you might just get a sneakly glimpse of the Royal Couple in person. If you … Read more

The tashes are still growing….. EC Cambridge

Hi all, we are coming to the end of Movember and Mike and Ed are starting to have very large lip wigs. Photos are available on Facebook but below is a sneeky glimpse of what you will see on there. Remeber, there are collection boxes for Movember in the Computer Room and Accommodation Office and plea … Read more

Activities this week at EC Cambridge

This week we have trips to the Fitzwilliam Museum. The Museum boasts a huge collection of artwork of all types and across a huge timescale. We also have book club with Geraldine on Wednesday and Friday and free English lessons Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Throw in Football on sunday afternoon and … Read more

Nights out at EC Cambridge

Students, we know that one of your favourite things is to go out to some of the International Club Nights in Cambridge. Well at EC we want to make sure you have a good time! Mike has joint tickets for Lola Lo and Ballare for just £6. Saving you £3 each time you go. So see Mike to get your tickets an … Read more

Thanksgiving – EC Cambridge

Thanksgiving is a holiday mainly celebrated by the USA and Canada. We don’t normally celebrate this in the UK but for our colleages in our North American schools, this is a very special Holiday. It is a day where traditionally people give thanks for the harvest and is usually celebrated with a … Read more

A Very Royal Occasion – EC Cambridge

On Wednesday the 28th of November, their Royal highnesses Prince William and Duchess Catherine Middleton will be visiting Cambridge. They will meet the Mayor and the High Sheriff at the Guildhall in centralCambridge. There will be a planned balcony appearance of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at … Read more

One to One courses at EC Cambridge

If you feel you need a little bit extra help with learning English, why not try our 0ne to 0ne English courses. This is just you and a teacher so you can really focus on the things you want to improve or focus on a specific subject. At EC Cambridge we offer one to one courses throughout the year. &n … Read more