Harry Potter Studios – EC Cambridge

We have managed to conjure up some tickets to the Harry Potter Studios in Watford! The tickets include travel to and from the amazing warner brothers studios and of course tickets to the tour! They cost just £51 so see Mike to book your place! Remeber to check the activities board for more informati … Read more

Comic Relief Update!!!! – EC Cambridge

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to our wanderful students for helping us raise £120.10 for Comic Relief, just from selling cakes! All the money raised will go to charity to help out students all over the world!

Easter – EC Cambridge

As some of you may know it’s Easter next week, where rabbits give chocolate eggs to children and parents organise egg hunts. Like Christmas, it’s a religious festival. It dates back to the 13th century and has been a part of British culture ever since. But why (you might be thinking) do rabbits give … Read more

Accommodation at EC Cambridge

EC English Language school in Cambridge offers a wide range of courses from General English Classes, to Business English Classes and Ielts Preperation Classes. As well as English classes, we offer different types of our accommodation for our students. All year round we have both Host Family accommod … Read more

FCE, CAE and CPE Courses at EC Lanugauge School in Cambridge

EC Language in school in Cambridge offers FCE, CAE and CPE exam preperartion courses. The course are 9-12 weeks and run three times per year, starting in January, March and September. The courses are designed to help students pass these Internationally recognised exams. The CAE and CPE exams are par … Read more

Careers and University advice – EC Cambridge

This Thursday we have Penny coming in from Edugold! She is here to give our students advice on finding work or studying in the UK. She can help you with your CV, covering letter, National Insurance Number anything to do with studying in the UK. Whilst Studying English In Cambridge at EC, why not tak … Read more

Bank Holiday Update – EC Cambridge

Easter is fast approaching and with this comes two bank holidays. Friday the 29th March and Monday the 1st April EC Cambridge will be closed for Easter Festivities! However on Monday the 1st April, we will be offering a a trip to the fantastic Norfolk Coast. Visit the sandy beaches and eat some clas … Read more

Premier League Football – EC Cambridge

We have some tickets to see the Barclays Premier League game between Aston Villa and Liverpool on Sunday the 31st March! Tickets are just £49 and include transport to and from the game and of course the match ticket! Don’t miss out on this oppurtunity to see two of Englands best clubs battle i … Read more

Comic Relief – EC Cambridge

Last Friday was Comic relief. Comic Relief is a UK charity raising money to help children in the UK and all over the world. Each year we have a comic relief day. At EC Cambridge, we think it is really important to help charitys out as part of our CSR commitments. So on Friday we dressed up in fancy … Read more