World Enviroment Day at EC Cambridge!

This is happening on Wednesday 5th June (NEXT WEEK!) in both buildings. You may have seen the posters dotted around which outline what we’re all going to be doing on this day. It’d be really great if we could all get behind these. I know the Grinch is green, but come on people, get involved with your school!


Not using any paper

We’re always being asked to use less paper and come up with “greener” ways to teach and run the school. On this day our challenge is not to use any paper. It’s something we should all be thinking about and trying not to use any for one day will either make you think “Hey, this is easy, I don’t need to use as much paper any more” or “This is ridiculously hard! I hate it and I definitely take paper for granted!”. Either way it’ll be raising awareness in the right way.


Wear green for charity

Staff at EC Cambridge will be wearing green for the day! This will come at a cost to them and help to raise money for enviromental charities!

Comic relief