Getting around – EC Cambridge

Cambridge station is one of the oldest surviving in the United Kingdom. Built in 1845, it was constructed away from the centre to put off students from boozy evenings in the fleshpots of Victorian London!

Today’s students at the EC School have no such problems for the heart of London can be reached in just 45 minutes non-stop! You could not do it more quickly in a Lamborghini. Studying in Cambridge will also give EC the world famous student ample opportunity to visit museums, galleries and theatres of the capital every week-end if they wish. Special day return tickets costing 22.50pounds also include a London “travelcard” with free travel up to 50 km from the centre of the city on buses, trams, underground and overground services. This means Richmond, Key Gardens, Hamstead and Hampton court could all be visited as a change from the busy West End. Come and study at EC in Cambridge with the extra bonus of London a short train trip away!