Cambridge ESOL Classes at EC Cambridge

When you are looking for an English language course, there are so many options to choose from, so where do you start? General English, Intensive English, Exam Courses etc. And then there is choosing the exam, IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, the list goes on.

So how about Cambridge ESOL? What sets these exams apart from other English Language tests? Well first of all, you are tested on all the skills involved in learning a Language, speaking, reading, listening, writing vocabulary and grammar. The exam will not only give you a qualification, but the course leading up to it will provide you with more proficiency in these skills.


Secondly, the Cambridge ESOL exams are split into individual levels. There is the Preliminary English Test (PET), First Certificate (FCE,) Advanced Certificate (CAE), Proficiency Certificate (CPE) to name a few. Each one set for the level of the person taking the exam.

Unlike some other English exams, the certificates never expire, so the qualification is valid for life. Some of the other exams you have to re-take every couple of years.


Finally, these qualifications are recognised across the world. Thousands of employers, universities and government departments recognise Cambridge ESOL as a valuable qualification. Therefore if you need to prove your level of English, its a great place to start!

At EC Cambridge, our next term of Cambridge ESOL courses start from September, so why not join us and take your fist step to success.