Activity Update

Here’s the activity programme for September. As you will see we are providing not one but two free activities on most days to ensure you make the most of your free time, make friends and of course practice speaking English!

As you will see, there are a couple of our usual suspects such as Punting and visits to the fantastic Kings College and St Johns College but we also have a couple of new activities.


Have you ever been to Kettles Yard, Castle Hill or the Polar Museum? Remember all the activities in Orange are free of charge! As well as this we offer you cake and a chat. Everyone loves cake and most people love having a chat, so take this opportunity to practice your English whilst feasting on some tasty treats!

Remember to keep an eye on Facebook and our blog for extra activities and more information on some of our other services such as visits from our careers advisor from Edugold.

If you want more information, see Mike or Kathrin on the front desk!