What’s coming up in 2014 at EC Cambridge!

Here is Januarys activity programme! Keep an eye out for same amazing excursions such as weekend trips to Paris, Amsterdam and Edinburgh! As well as all our usual great trips we will be adding a Greene King brewery tour in Bury St. Edmunds and including the fantastic Sea Life Centre (The worlds oldest aquarium) as part of the Brighton and Royal Pavilion trip. We’ll also be adding a summer time weekend away at the seaside trip for when the sun is shining bright. Throw in a magical trip to the Harry Potter Studios, Musicals in the west end of London, International, Champions League and Premier League football matches and all in all it should be an exiting year! Remember to check this blog and Facebook regularly for updates!

What a year for the EC Cambridge English Language School!

So 2013 has nearly finished and a new year approaches! Firstly we would like to thank our amazing students for a fantastic year! We have had some really good times and hope that you have made some brilliant memories for the future! Over the past 12 months there have been some huge changes at EC Cambridge and in turn we have faced some challenges! In September we moved to our new building! Finally we were all together in one place! Four years of hard work and planning finally paid off! We have had the pleasure of welcoming some new faces to our great team but sadly have had to say goodbye to some others. Thanks to a lot of hard work, our teachers, agents and of course our wonderful students EC Cambridge English Language School has continued to be a popular destination for International Students and for that we are forever grateful to every one involved. All that is left to do is to wish all of you a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2014!  

Cambridge, England – Land of bicycles

So here is a great blog about Cambridge from one of our student ambassadors Daniela Ceycedo! Have you noticed the thousand of bicycles on each city, street and corner of this beautiful country called England? Bicycles are an efficient means of transport, because, in the fist hand, the structure you don’t need stand in long lines and wait hours for the bus. On the second hand, traffic jams that all of us that bother us. This is the reason of why I wanted to write about this topic. Bicycles are easy to get, economical and thrifty. If you think for example, How can I save money? or Do I have to get up early to arrive to class early? … I recommend you buy a bike and doesn’t have to be new, in Cambridge you can get a second hand bike, which can get in the market or you can buy them to students. However, to have one you must make sure you’re going to use properly and at night don’t forget to turn on the lights.

Meet the teachers – EC Cambridge

Here is a few words about teaching English and Cambridge from one of our fantastic teachers Stephan! I genuinely enjoy teaching because I find the complexity and the value of the English language fascinating. Teaching is a very rewarding profession for one thing, a lot of satisfaction comes with witnessing student’s progress and achievements. Ultimately, it is my way to contribute to others and society at a wider scale. I feel comfortable working in the cosmopolitan environment and I like sharing different cultural experiences with the students. Cambridge, famously known for its reputation in education, is the perfect location for students and teachers. At E.C Cambridge I feel like I am able to teach in a personal, creative way, which creates a valuable experience for the students and job satisfaction for myself. I believe that teaching demands not just to pass on knowledge, but it also requires to motivate and advise students effectively to build their confidence. My advice for learning English or any other languages is to embrace it culturally, in other words, to understand and experience the culture. Furthermore, develop a constant awareness of the language, particularly outside the school. More importantly, do not be too hard on yourself, learning a language takes time and lots of dedication. ‘English at all times!!!’

EC Cambridge English School – A Warm Welcome Awaits!

Lets be honest. Travelling to somewhere new can be a nerve-wracking experience. Leaving your own country, often alone and in some cases for the first time can be daunting enough. So what can you expect when you arrive to EC Cambridge English School? Well, first of all you are not alone. Generally all the students who arrive the same day as you are in the same boat. They are also travelling for the first time to start their English Language Courses in Cambridge. On arrival you will be greeted by our friendly front desk staff, Mike and Natascha. You will also meet our student ambassadors. These are students who help out their fellow students in an ambassador role. Hopefully between us we will help you feel relaxed and comfortable. On the first morning, you will receive your student handbook, a map of the city and be given a full induction to the school and a tour of the city to help you feel at home. This is followed in the evening by a Welcome Dinner. This is FREE and a great opportunity for you to mingle and chat with your fellow starters in a relaxed non school atmosphere. Staff and teachers are here to be on hand and help with any questions or problems you may have.

Something Magical at EC Cambridge

Don your brooms and wave your wands! EC Cambridge is heading to Hogwarts! In February we will be offering our students the chance to visit the amazing Harry Potter Studios in Watford. Here you can visit the Great Hall of Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and number 4 Pivet Drive and also see some amazing scenery and props used in the amazing Harry Potter Films! There is loads to see and do and this is a must for any Harry Potter fans! Don’t despair if you are not here in February as we will be offering this trip around 5 times per year. For more information about activities at EC Cambridge click here!  

A Few Words From One Of Our Student Ambassadors Sangjib – EC Cambridge

Sangjib has been studying at EC Cambridge since May and leaves us this week. He has been studying on the Academic Year Programme at EC Cambridge. He recently moved into the CAE class and is taking his exam today. Sadly he leaves us this week, so here are a few words from him about his time at EC. Good luck today Sangjib and all the best for the future! Since I arrived here, I have met a lot of friend as well as brilliant teachers and EC staff. I don’t want to go back to my country. I will definitely miss all of things.   Especially in my CAE course, it was good enough to study with lovely students and teachers. I am terribly sure that everyone pass the exam. So all of us are happy when we get the result of the exam. I appreciate for EC. I hope that we will meet soon again. Thank you

Are You Speaking English? – EC Cambridge

One of the number one rules of EC Cambridge is to practice speaking English at all times. The more you practice, the more you learn. At EC Cambridge we think that speaking English is very important. So important in fact that we do everything we can to make sure that our students are speaking English. In class we try to only have two or three students with the same native tongue. To reduce the temptation further, the teaches will separate these students so they are not sitting together, meaning their classmates around them will only have one common language, English.   We also make sure that in our accommodation we do not mix the same language speakers. For example, if one of our host families has two single rooms for students, we always make sure that the students we put in their rooms are of different Nationalities and different mother tongues. We encourage students to mix with other nationalities through our free activity programme. All of our students are given a welcome dinner on their first day to help them meet new people from different countries as well as lots of fun free activities for when they are not in class. So remember if you are in EC, speak English. Its the best way to learn!

Movember update for EC Cambridge

You may have noticed that some of the members of staff at EC Cambridge, have looked a little different this month. Well Ed, Matthew, Stephan and Mike have been participating in Movember. Movember is when people all over the UK, grow a moustache in order to raise awareness and funds for Men’s Health Charities. As part of our corporate social responsibility EC Cambridge staff members took part in this initiative and thanks to donations from fellow staff members, family and our wonderful students we managed to raise over £300! This is a great team effort, so well done to the boys for doing Movember and a big thank you to all who donated.  

Meet the Staff – EC Cambridge

Natasha De Souza was the Director of Studies at EC Cambridge and after maternity leave is now back part time as the Assistant Director of Studies. Here’s a few words from Natasha about teaching in Cambridge. Teaching English is such a rewarding experience because you are helping students achieve their goals and aspirations. Many of the students who come to study at EC Cambridge are far away from home and therefore greatly appreciate the warmth and friendliness of the teachers and staff here. I like working at EC Cambridge because the student base is very multicultural and each day is filled with diversity, challenges, new experiences and most importantly, humour! I think for many, the experience of studying at EC Cambridge is not only an opportunity to learn English, but it is a life changing experience.