Cambridge, England – Land of bicycles

So here is a great blog about Cambridge from one of our student ambassadors Daniela Ceycedo!

Have you noticed the thousand of bicycles on each city, street and corner of this beautiful country called England?

Bicycles are an efficient means of transport, because, in the fist hand, the structure you don’t need stand in long lines and wait hours for the bus. On the second hand, traffic jams that all of us that bother us.


This is the reason of why I wanted to write about this topic.

Bicycles are easy to get, economical and thrifty.

If you think for example, How can I save money? or Do I have to get up early to arrive to class early? … I recommend you buy a bike and doesn’t have to be new, in Cambridge you can get a second hand bike, which can get in the market or you can buy them to students.

However, to have one you must make sure you’re going to use properly and at night don’t forget to turn on the lights.