Time to Party at EC Cambridge

If you want to let your hair down after a hard day studying, we have some great suggestions for the fantastic Cambridge Nightlife! The two main attractions are Ballare Nightclub on a Thursday and Lola Lo on a Monday. Tickets are availavble to buy from reception with good discounts and VIP entry! Just £5 to enter both clubs! If you want something a little more relaxed, check out the live jazz in La Razza or live bands at the Junction. Another suggestion is The Empreror on Hills Road. They have live music and comedy nights twice a week! If you want more information see Mike on Level 3!

Host Families at EC Cambridge

When you’re travelling abroad to another country to learn English, one of the most important things is your accommodation. English course with host family accommodation is the most common combination of booking that we have at EC Cambridge. We have all heard horror stories and rumours regarding English host families so here we try to look at some of the expectations and realities of host family accommodation. First of all, what makes a host family? Some of our families our typical families, a mother, father and children. Some families have pets as in English culture, pets are a big part of the family. Everything from Cats and Dogs to Tropical Fish, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. If you have allergies to any animals or fur, its important to let us know about this at the time of booking. Some of our families may consist of one parent and children or even parents, grandparents and children. After all family is family! In England, houses and bedrooms are generally quite small especially compared to some of our European neighbours. However when we inspect our host families, we ensure that students have everything they need. At EC Cambridge we aim to help students succeed in a Global community and when it comes to host families this is no different. Some of our host families may be second or third generation immigrants. This means that although they may look foreign, they have lived in the UK all their lives and have a British Passport. English is their first language. One of the most common requests we receive for host family, is that the family lives close to the school. Of course we try and help students with this but it is not always possible. EC Cambridge is the most centrally located English Language School in Cambridge. … Read more

Februarys Activities!

So as well as the usual suspects, Free English Lessons, Book Club, Job Club we once again have a range of free activities for our students to enjoy. Check out the activity programme below! Look out for Football matches, Tours, Weekend Excursions and maybe a special trip to Harry Potter!

Cambridge ESOL in Cambridge

What better place to study Cambridge ESOL than in Cambridge! Home of the famous Cambridge Exams! We are currently running FCE, CAE and CPE English courses for the exam in March. The next term starts in March in time for the exam in June. Prices from just £210 per week for a course that will give you all you need to prepare for these prestigious exams. Cambridge ESOL in Cambridge, gives you all the information and help you need to pass these exams. Our teachers are fully qualified and have plenty of experience in teaching the syllabus for these exams. Some of them even work for the exam board helping to mark papers and adjudicate the speaking exams. (Not for EC students of course!) So if you are looking for a course with the best chance of passing the FCE, CAE or CPE exams look no further!

Free Activities at EC Cambridge

So this month we have a whole range of free activities for our students enjoyment. We have already visited Great St Marys Tower and St Johns College, had some yummy cake and conversation and played some English Board Games! Still to come we have visits to the amazing Kings College Chapel, Fitzwilliam Museum, Botanical Gardens and The Polar Museum. And they are all FREE! So why not pick up your free activity programme from the front desk and get more information about what’s on! And remember, our activities are organised so that they fit around your English Language Classes so you won’t miss out! Have a great rest of the month!

A New Face at EC Cambridge

On Monday the 6th of January, EC Cambridge invited a new member to our team! Simon Holmes has taken over as the Director of Studies at EC Cambridge. Simon, over to you…. My name’s Simon Holmes and I have been working in the EFL sector for the last 18 years. I spent my first seven years as an EFL teacher in Turkey and then joined the British Council in 2003. Since then I have worked in Colombia, Vietnam, Malaysia and most recently in Saudi Arabia. I have held a variety of positions including IELTS coordinator, Young Learner manager, Corporate courses manager and Academic manager roles. I have recently moved back to the UK and am enjoying settling here. I’m also really enjoying my new role with EC English in Cambridge. I have been married for the last nine years and now have a beautiful six month old daughter who takes up most of my free time. I enjoy reading, computers, travel and good food.