One to One English Lessons in Cambridge

Do you want to learn English Fast? Is there an area of the English  Language you want to focus on? Is there a specific sector you want to focus on? A certain type of Vocabulary you want to learn? If the answer is YES to any of the above questions, then we have the solution! At EC, we offer One to One English Lessons in Cambridge. One to One classes are tailor made to suit your personal needs. The focus is on you and you alone and any areas you wish to improve can be given 100% focus. The timetable is as flexible as they get meaning you can choose the best time for you to study. Why not check out our website for more information.    

Mustapha Bouflioune gives his view on EC Cambridge!

Mustapha has been studying at EC Cambridge, studying on a Academic Year English Course incorporating a Cambridge ESOL exam course. Here is a few words from him about his time at EC. Being in EC Cambridge since September, I did a break of nine month in my career to improve my English skills and have an experience abroad. To be honest, my first week was plenty of doubt. Was it a so clever idea to do a gap year at 35 years old? After a while, my apprehension disappeared and I can say that is the most interesting experience of my life. Sharing a house with English people, meeting people from around the world, learning about other cultures help me to understand better myself and what I want to achieve in my life while I’m reaching a high level in English. One last confidence, during my studies, I used to be one of the weakest students of the English course.  Now, I’m thinking about orientating my career to an international environment for using my communication skills. It will be funny if I could meet my secondary school’s English teacher and start to chat for a return match.

Welcome to EC Cambridge – James Rausi

Lets all welcome another new addition to the EC team. James Rausi joins us after working a hectic summer on the Junior Programme in Malta. James will be working with our closed groups and taking charge of our Summer Junior Programme. Lets all give him a big welcome!

EC Cambridge offers private lessons in English

At EC Cambridge we have a range of courses, stretching from General English Courses, Exam Preparation and Business English. But how about our one to one classes? EC Cambridge offers private lessons in English. Private lessons are great if you want to improve your level of English significantly in a short time. You have uninterrupted attention from the teacher where they focus on target areas where you might be lacking fluency or confidence. One to one lessons are sold per lesson so there is maximum flexibility and they fit perfectly alongside another group course such as General English. Any questions, get in touch