Junes Free Activities at EC Cambridge

We have some exciting things coming up in June at EC Cambridge. Check out the activity programme below. As well as our free activities  We have some great excursions coming up to some world famous sights such as Stratford, Stonehenge, Oxford and London as well as a thrilling trip to Thorpe Park. If you are interested in studying English in Cambridge, check out our website.

Junior Summer English Courses at EC Cambridge

If you are looking for a Junior Summer English Course than look no further. At EC Cambridge our Junior Programme starts on the 15th June. Designed for 13- 17 year olds, this course gives an all round approach to learning English. We offer some great package deals. There are options for General English (20 lessons) and Intensive English (30 lessons). We have options with Residence and host family accommodation and options with no accommodation. Meals and a full activity programme are also included. The students are fully supervised and are encouraged to speak English at all times. If you want some more information, check out our website or get in touch Cambridge@ecenglish.com    

Academic English Course – EC Cambridge

At EC Cambridge we offer Academic English Courses for our students. An Academic Year Course is a minimum of 24 weeks and has a range of benefits. As well as options for both 20 and 30 lesson courses you have a range of extra lectures, activities and workshops giving you a more rounded English Course. Our fully qualified teachers have regular one to one sessions with you to access your progress and help you get that extra help and advice you need to further improve your English Language skills. At the end of your course, as well as receiving a Certificate of Study, you will also receive a Diploma for your Academic Year work. If you are interested, check out our website and get some more information.  

Marah Faroun Tells Us About Her Experience on a Academic Year English Course at EC Cambridge

Marah Faroun is studying on an Academic Year English Course at EC Cambridge. Here she tells us a little more about embracing a new culture whilst studying at EC Cambridge. Being raised in a society where the vast majority of its citizens are muslims, I have never faced any difficulties whatsoever in fitting in, nor have I ever been discriminated against. However, the idea of settling in a foreign country where people vary in their traditions and beliefs, I felt the threat of being picked on for demonstarting my religion through wearing the Hijab (head cover) and I kept visualising how discrimination could be excruciatingly painful. I have always believed that “Wearing religious and cultural symbols and dress is part of the right of freedom of expression”. It is part of the right to freedom of religion or belief – and these rights must be enjoyed by all faiths equally. But do all people find this sensible? As soon as I arrived here in Cambridge, It came to me as a complete surprise the fact that not only were people understanding and welcoming, they were also very curious to know more about my life, inviting me over to dig deeper in what media depicts so little about, and that gave me a real sense of belonging. It felt great to be understood for who I truly was and I finally had the opportunity to explain to people that what a few radical Muslims did, doesn’t mean that we are all bad. Islam means peace and thats what I was taught to live by throughout my whole life. I have made alot of friends here and I am glad to hear that they are all more aware of the real situation, irrespective of what mass media promotes. Finally, I have learnt that every … Read more

English Courses for Juniors at EC Cambridge

Summer is fast approaching and soon our Junior Programme 2014 will be underway! We offer some great English Courses for Juniors at EC Cambridge aimed at 13-17 year olds. Classes start from the 16th June and run until the 22nd August. There are options for both General and Intensive English classes and great packages including accommodation and meals. Students also have a wide range of team building activities as well as a lot of fun. With a staff of fully qualified teachers and well trained social leaders, the students get a full immersion into the English Language. Why not get in touch for more information. It’ a great introduction to learning English as a foreign Language whilst having some fun!

Host Family and Residence Accommodation – Any questions?

At EC Cambridge as well as offering English Language Courses we offer our students both host family and residence accommodation. Last week Sam Collinson joined our team as accommodation officer and will be here to answer any questions you may have regarding accommodation and residences. Below he tells us a little bit more about himself. Hello everyone! My name is Sam and I am the replacement for the irreplaceable Matthew Anderson in the accommodation department. This new exciting job has come about due to my interest in the TEFL industry, having taught English abroad on my travels and for living on a theological seminary campus in Worcestershire (2010-2013), a college which doubled up as a language college. I am a musician and a youth leader in my spare time, and last year I married a wonderful Cambridge girl who I met whilst studying theology and organizational management. We both live in Cambridge and are saving up for a house. I’ve enjoyed getting stuck in and as far as I can tell, I have my work cut out!

English For Academic Purposes – EC Cambridge

Andrea Graham is our Academic Year Coordinator. She is responsible for assisting students who are studying English for Academic Purposes at EC Cambridge. Here she tells us a little more about herself and gives some helpful tips on learning English. About Me I am originally from South Africa, but I’ve been living in England for five years, apart from five months spent in Spain near Barcelona. My mum, two sisters and niece live here too, which is great. I like listening to music, reading and watching films. Although I wanted to become a teacher when I was young, I studied Business and Finance instead. In 2008, after working in business  for 15 years, I decided I wanted to change my life and career, and pursue my childhood dream of becoming a teacher. Professional Experience I studied my CELTA in South Africa at International House prior to coming to England. I taught at another English school in Cambridge for five months in 2009, and then taught abroad in Spain for five months. That was a fantastic experience, which taught me a lot about myself. I’ve been teaching at EC Cambridge since April 2010, and have taught English at every level from Elementary to Advanced, and successfully delivered IELTS classes. I especially enjoy teaching Business English, and find that my past hands-on experience adds to my lessons. Learning Tips Always speak in English, and don’t translate from your language to English. Watch films in English and listen to English podcasts online. Write stories about your time in Cambridge and give them to your teacher to correct, as you will learn a lot about English grammar, spelling and punctuation from your written mistakes. Remember – practice makes perfect! My Classes I have always been interested in studying and learning, and I know how much effort … Read more

Welcome to EC Cambridge

Join us in Welcoming Birgit to EC Cambridge! Birgit was originally a student studying on an Intensive English Course at EC Cambridge and enjoyed it so much, she returned to us on an Internship. Over to you Birgit…. Hi! My name is Birgit, until the end of August I will be working in Customer Service and Accommodation departments at EC Cambridge. Two years ago I was also a student here at EC Cambridge, just like you are now. I really enjoyed my time here so that’s why I decided to come back! … At the moment I’m studying at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht (The Netherlands) to become an English teacher. Because of my studies I’ve been working as an English teacher at a secondary school for two years now. I’m here to further improve my English and to get some more work experience. I really enjoy going to concerts, listening to music, reading books, watching movies, playing volleyball and traveling of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be here! Enjoy your time here, make the most of it and if you encounter any problems, or you just want to talk, please feel free to come and speak to me! Cheers!