Fernando tells us about his experience at EC Cambridge

Fernando has been studying on an Intensive English course as part of our Academic Year Programme. He originally booked a 6 month course but now has extended it to over 9 months. Here he tells us a little bit about his experience at EC Cambridge. Fernando, over to you.

I’ve been at EC Cambridge for nine months. I’m really happy with my time here. you don’t extend your stay if you aren’t happy. I’ve learnt a lot. In general all the teachers are good, some are excellent. Staff are very kind. All of them help me when I’ve had a problem.


Cambridge is a nice city. There are a lot of International students, so its very easy to find friends from anywhere. The school is very well located, close to the city centre but outside the busiest area. Because of this its very easy to visit the main sights of Cambridge.

The building is new and it has excellent facilities. Interactive whiteboards a number of computers and free wifi access.

The course is well organised and every week you have a small test so you can see your progress. There is also a service to help you find a job. I wrote my English CV there, completely different to my Spanish CV and I found two part time jobs.

But the most interesting thing is the International meetings. Cambridge is full of International events. I’ve met a lot of people and I can speak and practice my English with English people. Now i’m living with them.