Ana Beatriz Tells us About Studiyng Business English in Cambridge

Meet Ana Beatriz. Ana is studying an FCE course and Business English in Cambridge. Here she tells us a little bit about it.

My name is Ana Beatriz, I’m 18 years old and I came from Brazil.

Bea Gomes

Here in Cambridge I’m doing FCE Preparation and Business English. As I study tourism at university is very important to have FCE on my CV.
I decided to become an ambassador because I saw as a great opportunity to meet new people and get involved with EC. These two are definitely the things that I like most about being an ambassador.
What I really like about EC Cambridge us the fact that the staff is always available to help you, and they are very friendly and attentive. Also the school has good teachers with a high teaching potential.  In my opinion, I’ve improved my English a lot since I arrived, and I’m actually very happy with my results so far.