Another New Face at EC Cambridge

Welcome to EC Cambridge Ryan Parmee. Ryan is our new Director of Studies and will be able to help our students with any enquiries about there English Courses in Cambridge.

Here he tells us a little about himself…..

I would like to take this opportunity to provide some background about myself on a professional front as well as a personal one.  In brief, my name is Ryan Parmee and I have been working  in  TEFL  and  ELT management
in  challenging,  diverse  and competitive  contexts for  some  time.  Professionally,  I  have  had  the  good fortune  to  lead  market  and  language  research  initiatives,  which  have  developed  into  longstanding products and courses that  continue  to  support British Council teaching operations in Yemen and Qatar. Also, I am pleased to have crafted a broad experience base in TEFL from the specialized literacy needs of pre-beginner Arab learners, creating language support frameworks to help learners achieve higher standards in the IELTS exam, teacher training programmes  that  develop  pronunciation  teaching  skills,  presenting  at conferences  such  as  QTESOL  and  IATEFL as  well  as  completing  an  MA  in  Applied  Linguistics  and TESOL.

Broadly,  my  professional  ELT  and  management  interests  center  around  integrating  Learning Technologies  into  Communicative  Language  Teaching  practices,  Critical  Discourse  Analysis  and modernizing teacher development tools to support maximum performance. Ultimately though, I have a genuine interest in English Language Teaching and working in Learning and Teaching Organizations. As a consequence, I find my thirst for learning as well as leading and developing others continues to remain healthy regardless of the experience I gain or the level of knowledge I acquire.

Personally,  I consider  myself  fortunate to have had wonderful  travel experiences in  a  wide  range  of destinations,  which  have  enhanced my  ability  to  appreciate  diversity  across  cultures.  Some  of  these include  Boise,  Burma,  California,  Chang  Mai,  Socotra,  Sri  Lanka,  the  Himalaya,  Maloolaba  and Mogadishu to name a few. Since formally studying Arabic in Yemen back in 2004, I have an enriched appreciation for the Middle East, its customs and people.   Having been positioned as a learner of a foreign language in  an  immersion setting  for  an  extended  period  of  time,  I  have acquired a  deep appreciation for the demands it places on language learners. In general, I enjoy working within complex and dynamic business  settings, which  is  a  direct  echo  of  my  most  passionate  hobby,  high  altitude mountain climbing.

My  professional  passion  is  working  closely  with teams that continue  to push  the boundaries of  ESL teaching as  well  as professional  knowledge in  subtle  and incremental ways.   I  enjoy  doing  this  by utilizing a  varied  range  of  development  tools  that accommodate and  compliment preferred learning styles.