Felipe and Hasan talk about their time at EC Cambridge

Felipe and Hasan are students at EC Cambridge. Today is sadly their last day and so we have to say goodbye. Here is a quick word about the school from each of them. I stayed two months here in Cambridge, it’s really good and I feel like is the first time I am learning. It’s a good experience, and my … Read more

Morad from Libya tells us about his Cambridge IELTS course

Morad has been studying at EC Cambridge for 9 months and has completed his Cambridge IELTS course. He started his time in EC back in May 2014 and his initial level was pre-intermediate. Now he is at advance level which is a fantastic improvement. We asked him to sum up his stay at EC Cambridge with … Read more

EC’s Activities in March

March is already upon us and below you can find EC Cambridge’s activity and English Language Workshop Calendar. We arrange these activities to compliment our students English Language Classes. This month we see the first Punting activity of the year. Punting is a great way to see some of the f … Read more

Traditional English Tea at EC Cambridge

Yesterday some of our students took a break from their CPE Cambridge English Exam preparation course to go for a Traditional English Afternoon Tea as part of our free activity programme at EC Cambridge. The students went to Aunties Tea Shop ion Cambridge and had scones with jam, clotted cream and En … Read more

Pub Night at EC Cambridge

This week some of students took a break from their English Classes in Cambridge to join teacher Stephan for Pub Night. We took our students to the Blue Moon for a good old chat and to sample some English drinks. The students took some time to get to know each other and learn about each others cultur … Read more

What’s on in March at EC Cambridge

Cambridge is a thriving city with plenty going on and a bustling nightlife. Here at EC, we encourage our students studying English language lesson’s in Cambridge to make the most of their time in England by getting out there and enjoying this fantastic historic city. So, what’s on in Cam … Read more

Next Months Extra English Activities at EC Cambridge

In March we have a range of free English language workshops for our students to help them make the most of their time at EC Cambridge. Every Tuesday we will have book club. Book club involves the reading a book with a teacher and discussing some of the points raised in the book. We also have some fr … Read more