Loic from Switzerland studies Cambridge ESOL at EC

Meet Loic. Loic is studying Cambridge ESOL at CPE level. Here he shares his experience of his course. My name is Loïc (with dieresis on the i), I’m 19 and I come from Switzerland. I just finished an equivalent of college in my country and I’m now having a gap year to improve my English. … Read more

Academic Year English Courses in Cambridge by Stephan

AY Lectures at EC Cambridge

EC runs Academic Year English Courses in Cambridge. Academic Year is for students studying over 24 weeks and comes in both General and Intensive English formats. By taking an Academic Year (AY) English course you get additional benefits to your programme. Firstly, you have an AY tutor who will have … Read more

EC English Students punting in Cambridge

Punting at EC Cambridge

Last week we had to say goodbye to some of our Cambridge ESOL students at EC. To give them one last memory of Cambridge, we took them for a traditional punt ride down the River Cam. A punt is a flat bottomed boat powered and steered by a long pole. Our students got to have a go at ‘driving&#82 … Read more

Red Nose Day at EC Cambridge

Red Nose Day at EC Cambridge

Last Friday at EC Cambridge we were raising money for Red Nose Day. Red Nose Day is a National Charity day in the UK where celebrities, businesses and the general public organise events and money raising activities to donate to various Children’s charities around the world. This years theme wa … Read more

Happy St Patricks Day from EC Cambridge

Happy St Patricks Day from EC Cambridge

Today the Irish and British celebrate St Patricks Day. St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and is believed to be the man who took Christianity to Ireland back in the 5th Century. Despite its religious connotations, St Patricks day is now celebrated with more fun and frivolity than as a religio … Read more