Floriane from Switzerland talks about her Cambridge ESOL Course at EC Cambridge

Floriane studies in our Cambridge ESOL class at EC Cambridge. Here she tells us about her course and Cambridge. My names Floriane, I’m nineteen, I come from Switzerland. In my country, I’m a student, I just finished the equivalent of college last year. I’d like to study English at university, that’s one of the reason I’m in Cambridge. I chose EC because it was an option given by my agency and it seemed to be a nice and friendly school. I chose Cambridge because I came here for a holiday and I fell in love with the city. I’m currently in an exam class. What I like about it is that we are the same people for three months, so it’s really good in order to get to know my classmates. I’m living in a host family and I couldn’t dream of a better one. I get on really well my host mother. Her family became mine! Cambridge is a lovely city, there’s so much going on. You can go to the theatre, cinema, pub. During the day, it’s so easy to go in a park and stay there the whole afternoon. Cambridge became my home!  

Veralina From Peru talks about her FCE Cambridge ESOL class at EC

Veralina is currently studying in EC Cambridge’s FCE Cambridge ESOL Class. Here she shares a little about her experience so far. Where are you from? I´m from Perú. What you do in your home country (work/study)? I just finished my major in public and social administration. I presented my thesis last year on December. And finally I came here to follow my English dream. Why you chose EC and why Cambridge? I chose EC, because I love orange! Actually, I had no idea about a good English school, but after a deep searching on the internet, I decided to choose EC because it has a lot of activities to enjoy, learn and think in English. And I don´t regret it. And definitely, Cambridge for me is the best place to learn, I chose it because it is recognised as a university town, it´s a small city but close to London. And also the history and peace that the photos transmitted to me when I saw them the first time. What you like about your classes? I enjoy meeting people from the whole world, the atmosphere to learn and the teachers are amazing. The way that we learn every single moment, how can I explain it, it´s natural. What you like about your accommodation? I am very happy living with a host family, every day I learn something new about English culture. For the first time in my life I have a cute dog . It’s like a real family for me, they spoiled me a lot. What you like about Cambridge as a city? I love the view along the River Cam, the student life and history inside this beautiful city. I can´t fail to mention that I love to ride my bike here it´s definitely one of the best for … Read more

Anamaria is learning General English in Cambridge

Anamaria gives us a testimonial on her General English Classes in Cambridge

Meet Anamaria from Colombia. She is studying General English in Cambridge. Here she tells us a little more about her experience so far. I arrived at EC Cambridge on 19th January 2015; to be honest I was afraid of living far away from my country (Colombia) but now I think that studying English is the best decision I have made. I recommend EC Cambridge totally because here I have had the opportunity to improve my English by a way different than another institutes. I feel that EC take care of their students and their learning. The classes are dynamic and funny. I can enjoy the modern classrooms and several classes that benefit me such as: pronunciation, talking, living in English, etc. Cambridge is a beautiful city, it reminds me of my town in Colombia because all is near and people are friendly. I have been for 3 months in a host family, I like so much this experience because I can share or spend time with a England family and speak a lot with them. If I have another opportunity to come here, I’ll return. Enjoy this experience, you won’t forget it!

Ingrid studies Intensive English Course in Cambridge

Ingrid from Colombia talks about her Intensive English Class at EC Cambridge

Ingrid has been attending Intensive English in Cambridge since January. I’m Ingrid Rubiano, I’m from Bogotá Colombia, when I stay in my country. I work and study, I’m HSE ( occupational health, industrial safety and environment). I studied for a MBA in project management and I hope I’ll receive my degree in two months. I chose to stay in England because I like the British English, it is a beautiful country and  Cambridge had a important academic history in the world. My firsts weeks were difficult for me because the Latin American weather is so different but now in spring the weather is better. I chose EC because the institute had a good reputation and international recognitions. At the moment I’m living in hos family to me is a good option that you know the English culture and offer the opportunities to use your English. I’ve stayed here from January and I’m going to stay until August and for me the class, teachers, staff, and my new friends are fantastic the interaction with the city, my house family, the institute and different cultures I’ve known is the best experience I’ve had.  

Loic from Switzerland studies Cambridge ESOL at EC

Meet Loic. Loic is studying Cambridge ESOL at CPE level. Here he shares his experience of his course. My name is Loïc (with dieresis on the i), I’m 19 and I come from Switzerland. I just finished an equivalent of college in my country and I’m now having a gap year to improve my English. When I’ll sadly have to go back, in June, I’ll start to study English at university. EC was a choice given to me by the agency I was planning my trip with. As for why I chose Cambridge, I took the decision to come here after a few-days visit of the city; I completely fell in love with this place at first sight. I am in an exam preparation class (for the CPE) and what I like about it is that you get the opportunity to really get to know who you are studying with since the class won’t change for the entire duration of the term. Therefore, you have a really stable class and which you really know everyone well. For my accommodation I chose to live with a host family. It is a really good solution if you do not want to cook and were you to be lucky enough you could become quite close with your new family. I love every aspect of Cambridge. It is a students-oriented, culture-rich and peaceful city. The large numbers of parks is perhaps what I enjoy the most about it. Cycling or doing any kind of sport, play music in the park or simply wandering aimlessly through the streets will prove to be a delightful experience.

Sangyin from Korea tells us about his English Course at EC

Sangyin studies on our General English Course at pre-advanced level. Here he tells us about his English Course. Name: Sangyin Nationality: South Korean Occupation: Student Why did you choose EC? At first, I was too busy when I decided to go abroad and prepared for that to consider what choices would be good and proper. Therefore, I had to depend on recommendations of the agency I worked with, and they encouraged me to choose Cambridge. Although I had been considering America as the best place to study english before, I could easily change my mind after looking for benefits to study in the UK. There were much more things than I thought, such as cultures, sightseeing, unfamiliar but attractive accent of British, and, moreover, Cambridge (and EC……) by itself! What do you like about EC? So far, I have upgraded my class from intermediate to pre-advanced. And I think it was fully thanks to the classes I have been studying in, friends I studied with and mostly teachers. I don’t know all the teachers indeed, but I’m convinced that the teachers I’ve seen in my classes were really devoted to their students and very well-prepared. What do you like about Cambridge? At the first moment I arrived in this city, I was a bit shocked, because I had not lived in the city like Cambridge. Quite small and not so crowded, the city had totally different atmosphere from the city where I lived. I couldn’t go out after 6 pm when I had usually gone out to hang around with my friends back in my country and didn’t know how to kill time in this small city with few things to do. As time goes on, however, I could be naturally absorbed into really British lifestyle. Finally, I could find me drinking … Read more

Academic Year English Courses in Cambridge by Stephan

AY Lectures at EC Cambridge

EC runs Academic Year English Courses in Cambridge. Academic Year is for students studying over 24 weeks and comes in both General and Intensive English formats. By taking an Academic Year (AY) English course you get additional benefits to your programme. Firstly, you have an AY tutor who will have regular one to one sessions with you to help you with your English learning. They will give you advice, tips and monitor your progress all the while setting goals to help you achieve your target English Level. At the end of the AY programme you will receive a Diploma as well as an English Language certificate that you can show to potential employers or universities. Once a month, you will be invited to an AY lecture. This weeks lecture was by Stephan and was about the BBC.   Here are some comments about the lecture from our students. “Good activity and items” “This lecture was interesting because we could learn deeply about the BBC” “Interesting topic, the quiz was useful to remember the important points” “It’s a good lecture” “It’s really nice to know about the BBC” “The topic was lovely and the lecture was very clear” “Thank you for the brilliant enlightening lecture” “I think this lecture is great” If you are interested in Academic Year Courses at EC Cambridge, check out our website.

EC English Students punting in Cambridge

Punting at EC Cambridge

Last week we had to say goodbye to some of our Cambridge ESOL students at EC. To give them one last memory of Cambridge, we took them for a traditional punt ride down the River Cam. A punt is a flat bottomed boat powered and steered by a long pole. Our students got to have a go at ‘driving’ the punt as well as seeing some of Cambridge’s fantastic University architecture from a different viewpoint.     Punting is part of EC Cambridge’s free activity programme. Every week we offer our students the chance to join some fun activities. This encourages them to meet other students, practice their English and have some fun. At the same time they meet students from all over the world meaning English is usually the only common Language. They also learn about other cultures by meeting students from different continents.       Find out more about the EC group, EC activities English Classes in Cambridge.

Red Nose Day at EC Cambridge

Red Nose Day at EC Cambridge

Last Friday at EC Cambridge we were raising money for Red Nose Day. Red Nose Day is a National Charity day in the UK where celebrities, businesses and the general public organise events and money raising activities to donate to various Children’s charities around the world. This years theme was to make ‘faces funny for money’. At EC, as well as offering fantastic English Language Courses in Cambridge, we also know it is very important to give something back to the local and international community. So as part of our free Activity programme we also got involved with Red Nose Day. Staff and students baked cakes for us to sell to raise money for the charities that Red Nose Day supports. We also had a raffle with some great prizes. We are still counting the grand total of money raised but will up date you shortly! If you want to find out more about our activities, courses or what we do for our local community, why not take look at our Facebook page.      

Happy St Patricks Day from EC Cambridge

Happy St Patricks Day from EC Cambridge

Today the Irish and British celebrate St Patricks Day. St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and is believed to be the man who took Christianity to Ireland back in the 5th Century. Despite its religious connotations, St Patricks day is now celebrated with more fun and frivolity than as a religious day. People tend go out dancing and have a good time fuelled by the world famous Irish Beer, Guinness. Fancy dress is also the order of the day with people wearing green especially dressed as Leprechauns, a traditional Irish Folk Figure. In Cambridge you will find a whole host of St Patricks day related events. We have picked out our top two choices for tonight’s festivities. The Royal Standard The Royal Standard is one o the few traditional Irish Pubs in Cambridge. They will be celebrating the day with some live folk music in a friendly setting. Vodka Revolution If you fancy more of a night out, Vodka Revolution may be your choice. They will be two doing two pints of Guinness and a Pizza for £10! They will also be serving some Irish themed cocktails whilst plying a mixture of traditional Irish music and modern music later on. Find out more about English classes in Cambridge.