Teresa from Italy talks about her Intensive English Course

Teresa from Italy studied on an Intensive English Course in Cambridge. Here she gives us a very honest review about her personal experience.

When I arrived here I was a little bit upset:… there were some problems. I always thought “I have to stay here for nine weeks, I can’t do it!”

Teresa from Italy talks about her experience at EC Cambridge

But since then, I have known some really kind people who are there to help you. The first one is Mike, funny boy and he knows how to make you feel good, even with a simple smile and with a simple “Hello!”; Rosa, a nice Italian girl, to me she became like a point of reference but also a really good friend; Matthew, a very shy boy, but if you need something he knows how to help you, he is very helpful; Daniela and Rachel, nice people, they are always there for you.

Now my journey is ending, but I really want to stay more here, especially to improve my speaking! I think I’ll do it!

Much love.

At EC we pride ourselves on great customer service. This testimonial shows that even though things don’t always go to plan straight away, as a school we are here to help with any queries or concerns. Find out more about English language courses in Cambridge.