Happy St Patricks Day from EC Cambridge

Today the Irish and British celebrate St Patricks Day. St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and is believed to be the man who took Christianity to Ireland back in the 5th Century. Despite its religious connotations, St Patricks day is now celebrated with more fun and frivolity than as a religious day. People tend go out dancing and have a good time fuelled by the world famous Irish Beer, Guinness. Fancy dress is also the order of the day with people wearing green especially dressed as Leprechauns, a traditional Irish Folk Figure.

Happy St Patricks Day from EC Cambridge

In Cambridge you will find a whole host of St Patricks day related events. We have picked out our top two choices for tonight’s festivities.

The Royal Standard
The Royal Standard is one o the few traditional Irish Pubs in Cambridge. They will be celebrating the day with some live folk music in a friendly setting.

Vodka Revolution
If you fancy more of a night out, Vodka Revolution may be your choice. They will be two doing two pints of Guinness and a Pizza for £10! They will also be serving some Irish themed cocktails whilst plying a mixture of traditional Irish music and modern music later on.

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