Loic from Switzerland studies Cambridge ESOL at EC

Meet Loic. Loic is studying Cambridge ESOL at CPE level. Here he shares his experience of his course.

My name is Loïc (with dieresis on the i), I’m 19 and I come from Switzerland. I just finished an equivalent of college in my country and I’m now having a gap year to improve my English. When I’ll sadly have to go back, in June, I’ll start to study English at university. EC was a choice given to me by the agency I was planning my trip with. As for why I chose Cambridge, I took the decision to come here after a few-days visit of the city; I completely fell in love with this place at first sight.

Loic Studies English at EC Cambridge

I am in an exam preparation class (for the CPE) and what I like about it is that you get the opportunity to really get to know who you are studying with since the class won’t change for the entire duration of the term. Therefore, you have a really stable class and which you really know everyone well.
For my accommodation I chose to live with a host family. It is a really good solution if you do not want to cook and were you to be lucky enough you could become quite close with your new family.

I love every aspect of Cambridge. It is a students-oriented, culture-rich and peaceful city. The large numbers of parks is perhaps what I enjoy the most about it. Cycling or doing any kind of sport, play music in the park or simply wandering aimlessly through the streets will prove to be a delightful experience.