Good Bye and Good Luck From EC Cambridge

 It’s always sad when our students leave us but we know that they leave having had a valuable experience at EC Cambridge. Here are a few photos and final thoughts from some of our students who left this month. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours and hope you enjoyed your experience at EC. Basem – Thank you for everything. I will miss all the members of staff at EC school. Muadh – It’s not easy to write this word goodbye Alexandre – I would love to come back to EC Cambridge Ilaria – I would like to come back and recommend you to enjoy the here and not be shy! Taha – Thank you for everything If you are interested in studying Cambridge IELTS, Cambridge ESOL or Intensive English, check out our website!  

Ilaria from Italy studies Intensive English at EC Cambridge

Meet Ilaria from Italy who studies Intensive English at EC Cambridge I have been at EC Cambridge two months and I will stay one and a half months more. I would recommend EC Cambridge because: the teachers are nice and prepared properly, good room size, good courses and I like also that the school offers lots of activities, another good point is that EC is well located. Anyway, Cambridge is a lovely city with lots of wonderful colleges and things to see and do, like the Botanic Garden or punting. I usually go out during the weekend, I’m in a good friendship group and we like to go to Tram Depot, the Regal, The Eagle and other typical pubs here. My favourite EC activity is going somewhere because everything is already organized and the school is quite well organized. I’m in a host family and I love them, also my bedroom is great: big, clean and with a TV. I would like to come back and I recommend to enjoy the time here and not to be shy.

Alex From France Talks About His General English Course At EC Cambridge

Alex has been at EC for just two weeks studying General English. This weekend he returns home but before he does he shares his thoughts on Cambridge. Over to you Alex I’ve been at EC Cambridge for two weeks, I would recommend EC Cambridge to my friends because the environment is the same as home, even on the first day. I felt welcomed by every student. Cambridge is a very nice city, full of students, all very sociable so it’s pretty easy to just stay with someone and talk to them, your English gets better very fast. The courses in EC Cambridge are very good, the teachers are very open-minded and friendly. The lessons feel great, are both enjoyable and taught me a lot of new words. The evenings I usually go to clubs, the first day was kind of awkward but the rest of my stay was great. My recommendation for future EC students would be to enjoy their stay at the fullest and go talk to people and of course have fun!  

School Groups Courses at EC Cambridge

As well as our General and Intensive English Courses for adults, we also offer bespoke courses for school, university and work groups. This month we have had groups from France, Holland, Austria, Denmark and Italy staying for between 1 and 2 weeks. These programmes are specifically designed depending on the needs and requirements of the group. Everything form the number of lessons, timetable, activities and accommodation can be tweaked to make the schedule fit around any requirements. This month one of our groups visited a Company in Cambridge to get more of an understanding of how Businesses work in the UK. They visited a local hotel were they were given a full back ground on the hotel and catering industry as well as a full tour of the Hotel and its facilities. All key staff were on hand to answer any questions they had. The students even got a traditional English Cream Tea. If you are interested in finding out more about sending a group of students to Cambridge, check out our website!  

English Language Activities in the Sun at EC Cambridge

Cambridge has had some unusually good weather for this time of year. So as part of our English Language Courses we put some sports on our free activity programme. This month we have played Volleyball, Football, Ultimate Frisbee and Rounder’s to make the most of the fantastic weather.   As well as this we took our students Punting on the River Cam and to the University of Cambridge Botanic Gardens. All of these activities are free to EC students and encourage them to make new friends, have some fun and of course practice their English. In May we will be offering some more sporting activities. As well as the above, look out for touch Rugby and Football. All activities meet at the school. Pick up Mays Activity Programme now from Reception for more information on what’s on offer this month.    

Taha From Libya Talks About His Cambridge IELTS Course At Cambridge

Taha studied at EC Cambridge for 11 months starting in Elementary level and moving up to Pre-Advanced level. Whilst he was studying he moved into the Cambridge IELTS course at EC Cambridge. Hi everyone! I have been at EC Cambridge for almost one year and I can’t believe that it’s now my part to leave this place where I have experienced a lot of wonderful and unforgettable moments. I have studied at EC Cambridge in order to pass the IELTS exam. I came here with very little knowledge of English. Therefore I started with the first level which is Elementary. With the motivated and patient teachers, who bring a lot of experience, I could improve my English skills considerably. I was very happy with my progress and proud of myself that I achieved at least the level Pre-Advanced. I definitely recommend EC Cambridge because no matter in which level you are, the teachers are always focused to develop your skills and the preparation in the exam courses like FCE/IELTS/CAE are highly successful. The school is very well organized by a efficiently staff. I will never forget the friendly and helpful staff. They are all the time there for you and if you have any problems, you can always go to the 3rd floor and speak to them. They try to make you as happy as possible and I always felt comfortable. Thank you so much! You have variety of activities in Cambridge for your free time. You can join EC activities as bowling, visiting colleges, punting and meet other EC students. There are plenty of places where you can chat with your friends: cafes, pubs, restaurants and beautiful huge parts like Parker’s Piece and Jesus Green. You can have many opportunities to join sport – activities like football, tennis and … Read more