Mikael Studies Cambridge IELTS at EC Cambridge

Mikael has been studying Cambridge IELTS in Cambridge since January. Here he talks about his course and Cambridge! EC Cambridge is an international centre and attracts students of all ages and nationalities who want to learn English in a friendly environment. I`ve been at EC for nearly 4 months. First of all people choose a country than a city lastly a school to learn English. In my opinion it`s obvious that English must be learnt in the UK and Cambridge is famous around the world for its University and its beautiful buildings. You can have a full experience of English life and culture.     I liked EC school because it`s located in a comfortable and safe residential area middle of the city centre and the school provides effective English courses like “Business English”. That course helped me to practice the skills I need for my job. My favourite places were always pubs, as you guessed the Tram Depot and I strongly suggest to you to grab a couple beer at “Fort St. George”. I prefer to stay with a British family here and this is what I suggest: “Homestay accommodation”. It is the best way to have practice. I would like to come again and stay with my same family.   ======= Find out more about IELTS UK Courses with EC!

Celine and Michele Discuss Their Time In Cambridge

Celine anId Michele have been studying Intensive English at EC Cambridge. Celine from France has been learning Business English in Cambridge. Here is a summary of her experience so far. I stayed in Cambridge for 4 weeks. I booked a residence as accommodation. The thing I prefer is the intensive class, in my opinion it’s more interesting than general English. It’s good the travel during the weekend but maybe it’s too short to visit back to Cambridge because I want to see others places but may be in Malta.     Michele from Italy studied intensive English at EC Cambridge. My experience in this school was amazing. I recommend this school to other students because it has good teachers and the environment is friendly and comfortable. I was in a host family and I was absolutely fine. I’d like to go back to EC school in the future!     ============= Find out more about learning English as a Second Language (ESL Cambridge) with EC!

Pascal from Switzerland Shares His EC Experience

Pascal left EC last week after three months studying Intensive English. Here he tells us more about his experience at EC Cambridge. I’ve been three month at EC Cambridge and I think the school is very good. Cambridge is a nice city with many place that are nice. The school is very good. I think the people are all helpful. In the evenings I didn’t go out many times but the pubs are very good. I think I would come back to EC Cambridge. My recommendation? Study English! If you are looking for a General or Intensive English Course, check out our website! ============== Take an ESL Cambridge course with EC!

Sarah from France Answers Some Questions About Her General English Course

Sarah from France studies General English at EC Cambridge. How long have you been at EC Cambridge? I have been here for three weeks. Would you recommend EC Cambridge and why? Yes, I would recommend EC school because it’s really a great school and I had a very good time! What do you like about Cambridge? About Cambridge I like the city with old and beautiful buildings. What do you like about the school? About the school, everything! What do you like about your course? I liked the first week with Luca and David because courses were very interesting and funny. What was your favourite EC activity? I like that we have trips and visits (free sometimes) cause we can discover England and Cambridge. I’ve booked to Canterbury & Leeds Castle, Nottingham & Sherwood Forest, but also for punting and King’s College. I really liked Nottingham, it’s a beautiful city. Would you come back to EC Cambridge? Yes, I would like to come back to EC Cambridge and maybe to EC London and in the USA. ================= Learn English in the UK with EC!  

Isabel From Spain Talks About Her Intensive English Course at EC Cambridge

Isabel studies Intensive English at EC Cambridge and shares her experience below. I arrived four weeks ago and looks like it was yesterday. My first day I had an amazing experience. The teachers are so great and every class and every class is different thing that I like very much. I made a lot of new friends and the city is amazing. I think I’m leaving with a very good level of English thanks to my teachers. Cambridge is small and so comfy, is what I like most about the city. And punting! My favourite activity definitely was punting, but the trips were amazing and King’s College is so beautiful. My student house is really great, with great housemates and my bedroom was very nice. Definitely I want to come to EC again, it was an excellent experience and I’m so glad I came to Cambridge. My recommendation is don’t be shy, make good friends and do a lot of activities, you’re going to remember forever! Learn learn English in the UK with EC!

Lorenzo From Italy Tells Us About His Cambridge IELTS UK Courses In Cambridge

Lorenzo was studying on the Cambridge IELTS UK course at EC Cambridge and is now studying at pre-advanced level. Here he tells us a little bit about his course at EC. I arrived in Cambridge on March and I have been there for about 6 weeks. I chose to stay in a residence, the Kite House, an accommodation extremely close to the school, only 30 seconds walk, equipped with single room and private bathroom. In spite of the fact that the space in enough comfortable, I suggest to bring with you an eye-mask in case you are light-sensitive (if you choose this accommodation); the room is unfortunately not supplied with a blinder and the curtain near the window let some light in during the night. The city is peaceful and quiet and there are a lot of green areas, like big parks and lawns that I really love, just around the house and the school. Nevertheless, the city is also full of shops, restaurants, pubs and dance clubs where you can enjoy many nights with the fellowship of nice people befriended at school. I decided to take a general English class for the first two weeks and an IELTS course during the last month, as I needed to be enough prepared for the exam I had already booked months ago, at the end of April. The school is nice and is located just 10 minutes walk from the city centre. The lessons I took have been mainly useful for my preparation (I have also studied a lot after lessons) and most of the teachers have been well prepared and willing to help you. Although I frankly believe that the classes I have attended require more simulations, I have chiefly appreciated the teachers’ contents and particularly the use of technology such … Read more