A Traditional English Treat For Our Young Learners

With the sun shining over an ever beautiful Cambridge, our students made their way to MichealHouse tea room today to experience a delicious typical British cream tea. In line with tradition, our Young Learners were offered homemade scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam —what a treat! Attempting to maintain the gracious demeanour that always distinguishes the Britons, everyone tucked in with enthusiasm, eyes glittering at the sight of such a tasty bounty. The charming atmosphere of the tea room provided a perfect environment to practise English in an informal context, and all of our Young Learners seemed to be chatting away cheerfully, filling the room with laughter and good humour. A very successful outing for our students and Social Leaders. If you are looking for English Classes in Cambridge, take a look at our website!

Rounder’s! A good way to end the week on a sunny Friday!

Last Friday some of our adult students went to play the traditional English game of Rounder’s on Parkers Piece. After their English Classes in Cambridge it was a great way to let off some steam and get some exercise as well as make the most of the scorching hot weather. Rounder’s is a traditional English Game a little bit like baseball. The aim is to score runs by hitting the ball as far as you can with the bat and running around a set area. If you can run around the pitch before the other team return the ball you score a run. Quite simple but a good, fun game part of EC Cambridge’s free activity programme!      

Havva From Turkey Studied Intensive English at EC Cambridge

Havva has been taking English Classes in Cambridge since November. When she first joined EC, she was beginner level and has now finished Intermediate level! Hi everyone! I’m stunned when I came here, because I did not know anything. I was counting the days. I want to go as soon as possible. I was saying “how 8 month ends”? After I made a lot of friends, and they became my second family. We laughed, we had fun, we drank, we danced sometimes we cryed.. I am happy in this life I looked after! I felt I was very lucky because I met a lot of wonderful people here. I will never forget. 8 months ended Havva.. Time to go! Thank you for everything EC, Thank you for opening your arms to me! difficult to say hello, more difficult to say goodbye.. but I have to say. Goodbye CAMBRIDGE…

Young Learners Activity – Sports Friday

Friday 26th, Sports Time! Each Friday the Young Learners put their skills to the test and on this Particular day it was no different in the baking heat. We all descended on Parkers’ Piece armed with football goals and a volleyball net ready to show the passers-by what EC Cambridge has to offer in the way of sporting prowess. Well not all of us but one thing commendable of this group of students is everyone threw their all into it and succeeded in their own way; making new friends who they may not necessarily had talked to at the beginning of the week through the team work. This was also a last afternoon activity for a group of Young Leaners here at EC but the weeks of hard work did not slow them down in scoring a beast of a goal or an audacious spike over the net on the court. Sport is not something everyone enjoys however what is impressive is the commitment the EC students show and not being afraid at trying a Ronaldo-esque flick and instead ending up with more of a David Dune rabonna. Here at EC we are proud of our Young Learners and their ability to adapt quickly to the new challenges set ahead of them and even though some at the beginning if the week may of looked in dread at sports Friday each one came off the field smiling having met someone new, doing the unexpected or just simply enjoying the sun. If you are interested in English Classes in Cambridge check out our website!

EC Cambridge Students Visit The University of Cambridge Botanical Gardens

This week some of our students visited the University of Cambridge Botanic Gardens after their English Classes in Cambridge. The Botanic Gardens are home to some amazing plants, trees and flowers from all over the world. Part of Cambridge Universities Research Centre, the Garden is a working research lab for Botanical studies. As well as some traditional English flowers the gardens also house some amazing exotic plants as well as some rare plants. The Gardens cover 40 acres and has been open to visitors since 1846! The large glasshouses help to make the Botanic Gardens a hot spot for visitors all year round, so come rain or shine, snow or wind, its a beautiful place to visit! This activity is part of EC Cambridge’s free activity programme!      

New Faces at EC Cambridge

Meet some of our summer interns who will be able to help you with any questions you have whilst learning English in Cambridge! Hello Everyone, I am Antoine, the new intern here at EC Cambridge I come from Bourgoin-Jallieu (France) a small city between Lyon and Grenoble. I study Management at the Grenoble University. This internship is the last step I need to make before I can write my bachelor thesis. I love discover some different cultural things about countries around the world (probably thanks to some travels than I did), so it will be a real pleasure to talk with you. Don’t hesitate to come and talk to me whenever you need me and we will try to find a solution together. Cheers Hello everyone! I am Niklas and I am one of the new interns here at EC Cambridge. I come from Saarbrucken, Germany where I study German and English Linguistics and Literature at university. Spending time abroad is part of my study program and the last obstacle I have to overcome before writing my bachelor thesis at the end of this year. The internship at EC Cambridge is a great possibility for me to get more practice in speaking English and to get some general work experience. I enjoy traveling, all sorts of sports and I love to read all kinds of literature. Since I am new to the UK, I know how it feels to be new in a foreign country and I hope I will be able to help you with any problems you might encounter. Don’t hesitate to come and talk to me whenever you need me and we’ll try and find a solution together! Cheers Hey everyone! My name is Marieke and I am one of the new interns at EC Cambridge. I … Read more

Meet David Our New Summer Residence Coordinator

David is joining us for the summer to be our CB1 residence coordinator. He will be taking charge of the residence and helping our students with any questions they have regarding their accommodation whilst taking English classes in Cambridge. I’m an enthusiastic, energetic and a happy man who enjoys an active lifestyle. I’m a keen footballer, however I have been unable to play for the last three months due to a serious ankle injury. During the summer, I enjoy many outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking and mountain biking. I enjoy trying new sports and have recently started scuba diving. I’m open to try new experiences because that’s my life’s motto. So if you studying on an English Course at EC and staying at CB1, look out for David who I am sure will be happy to help you.  

Graduation Time For Our Young Learners at EC Cambridge

Last Friday was graduation day for some of our Young Learners here at EC. All of our students gathered in Gibson House reception to assist to the ceremony and cheer on their friends. In the style of proper Cambridge graduations, our students were awarded well-deserved diplomas by the EC team. Every single one of our students has worked very hard in the past couple of weeks, showing up —mostly— on time for classes and demonstrating a high level of commitment and dedication! Integrating in a new community and making the most of the weeks spent with EC can feel like a daunting task at such a tender age, but these boys and girls have demonstrated a level of participation that goes beyond expectations. Well done! We are very proud of our Young Learners’ improvements over the course of their stay and we hope that they will continue with their studies — and maybe come visit us next year! In the meanwhile, we wish all our departing Young Learners a happy summer full of chances to practice their English, and we encourage all of our current and future students to follow in their footsteps! If you are interested in learning English in Cambridge at our Young Learners programme, check out our website.