Kings College

3 Reasons to Choose an English Course in Cambridge

Cambridge is an old university city away from the bustle of England’s capital and with a special charm for being located on the banks of the River Cam, which by the way, gives the city its name. Cambridge has more than 100,000 inhabitants of which more than 23,000 are students. If you land in London, or if once in Cambridge you want to spend a weekend in the capital, it is as simple as travelling 45 minutes by train or a couple of hours by bus. English courses in Cambridge are a great way to spend a long time studying abroad, meeting British people and live an unforgettable experience surrounded by the culture and history of this wonderful place. 1. Live university life through an English course in Cambridge The world-famous University of Cambridge is the second oldest in England (only Oxford is older). In some rankings, Cambridge is rated as the second-best university in the world. Currently, this university is divided into 31 colleges scattered throughout the city, one of the best known is King’s College, famous for the incredible architecture of its chapel, which has become the symbol of Cambridge. Your university environment means that there is no better way to improve your level of English than surrounded by British students with which to put into practice what you have learned in class. It is a unique destination in which to immerse yourself in the authentic life of young English people.   2. Cambridge is full of leisure and culture Despite being a small city, many students arrive every year to study and visit its incredible tourist attractions. This place is full of history and the amazing gothic architecture of its buildings makes you feel like you’re in a book or a Harry Potter movie. Its size is … Read more