Welcome Julie – EC Cambridge

Hi everyone! My name is Julie and as you have already noticed (I hope so) I am the new intern (who is sitting next to Mike!) The internship is part of my studies in Marketing and Management at the IAE of Grenoble (France). At the end of the year, I will start my Master in Marketing. I chose EC Cambr … Read more

Homestay at EC Cambridge

If you are thinking about studying on an English Language Course in Cambridge, there are so many things to think about. Which school? Which Course? How long should I book? Do I want accommodation? Well today, we are looking at the last one of those questions. To be honest picking the right accommoda … Read more

Young Learners in Cambridge – EC Cambridge

So June rolled around again which can mean only one thing – the Young Learner’s Courses have begun in Cambridge! Our first students arrived last weekend and have spent the week in classes and also doing all sorts of fun activities. So far this week their activities have been: A tour of C … Read more

Junior Programme 2013 – EC Cambridge

From 16th June – 24th August EC Cambridge will be running our Junior Programme. This is a programme specifically designed for students aged 13-17 years who want to learn English in Cambridge. As well as brilliant English Language Lessons, the students will also benefit from a fantastic free ac … Read more

Trash Fashion – Week 6

The big Monday night welcome party in Week 6 was Trash Fashion, a chance for all of the new students to be able to show what they can do in the fashion world, in terms of design and catwalk skills! How did they do? I think these photos show some excellent designs, as well as some rather strange ones … Read more

Oscar Night and Farewell

Friday Night saw the EC Junior Programme’s very own Oscars Night. With awards up for grabs like, King of Cool, Queen of Cool, Next World Leader and Best Dressed Student, there was a storm of students campaigning for votes from fellow students. Prizes included the famous Cambridge University Mu … Read more

Game’s Night

Monday evening saw the construction of some weird and wonderful structures by EC Cambridge Junior Students. The object of this game was to construct something out of newspaper, cups and celetape that could hold an egg as high off the ground as possible. The winning team created an amazing, triangula … Read more

Photo Challenge!

Today EC Cambridge Junior Students find out the results of Tuesday’s Photo Challenge! The Challenger’s had to take artistic photographs under each Category and then submit their photos. This was completed in the EC Photo Lab operated by our very own Lizzie. I hope you enjoy some of the e … Read more

Speed Dating Welcome Party!

Tonight the New Junior Students and the old get to know each through the EC Junior Speed Dating Night. A great hubub fills the room when the Juniors embrace there new found language skills and get to know students from other nationalities.   New Friends will be made! and fun had by all! THIS IS … Read more