3rd Christmas at Red Cross Hospital

Red Cross Children’s Hospital
Red Cross Children’s Hospital

Not far from EC there’s a Red Cross is children’s hospital. Most patients ( approx. 250 ) are under–privileged or come from very humble back rounds. “Friends of the Red Cross” was founded a few years back with the aim of bringing a little comfort and joy to the lives of these children, some with very serious and life-threatening illnesses, over the festive season. Since then companies and private people have generously contributed in the form of teddies, toys, books, educational games, toiletries (especially for babies) baby wares, clothes and more. This year EC staff took part and collected as many gifts as possible. Some teachers even bought wrapping paper. All the gifts that EC Cape Town collected were wrapped in cheerful Christmas wrap and then they were handed over to Maureen Di Gia who is the main organizer. Along with her team, she went to the Red Cross on the 15th December with heaps of gifts and treats and personally gave each child their very own Christmas present.
Those little faces speak a thousand words!!!



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