World Cup: 107 Days Until Kick-Off!

If you’re not already excited enough about the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, these pictures of Cape Town’s host stadium will whet your appetite! Time is running out so make sure you book your English course in Cape Town for this summer now!

English Lessons on the Beach

We decided to combine our Upper Intermediate and Intermediate English classes and take advantage of the beautiful summer weather and not to mention Cape Town’s breathtaking beaches!  Both classes language focus for the week was the passive voice with the topic of the class units being Architecture and Explore. We decided that this would be an ideal opportunity to use our environment to teach with and to teach in. We allowed the students to do an Independent Research Task one day prior to the excursion in class time in preparation for the beach task. This task required the students to research either a modern or a historical building in Cape Town. The Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town’s longest standing building and the Cape Town Stadium, formerly known as Green Point Stadium, Cape Town’s newest addition. The aim of which was to utilize the target English vocabulary and use of the passive voice. Once having gathered the required information, students then worked in groups of four to five to prepare a presentation for the beach. Students were allocated 30 minutes in which to build their building from scratch and of course, from sand! We were so impressed with the amount of precision and accuracy that went into both the sand building and their presentations. This excursion’s success was based on the fact that we weren’t sure who was having more fun, us or the students!

Iconic Romantic Couples of all Time!!!

In honour of Valentines Day, the 12th February saw EC Cape Town students rubbing shoulders with some of the most famous romantic couples. At 8.45 students were welcomed into the school by Mr and Mrs Bob Marley, James Bond and Pussy Galore, Aladdin and Jasmine, Hugh Hefner and 3 Playboy Bunnies, Robin Hood and Marion, Cleopatra and Anthony and many more. As expected students were delighted at the idea of having Bob Marley or a Playboy bunny doing their lesson – who would’ve thought!!! At 12.30, during lunch, the famous folk were available for autographs and photos. Students were asked to guess who the romantic couple were and won spot prizes. Best-dressed couple was also voted by the students and Mr and Mrs Bob Marley came out tops! Students and teachers alike all had a fabulous day, filled with fun and laughter!!!

Cape Town Soccer Stadium Festival

Cape Town’s new Green Point Stadium held its first competitive match last week, as Ajax and Santos took part in an exhibition match that gave 20,000 Capetonians the chance to check our their magnificent World Cup stadium. It can be safely said that the stadium was the star of the show more than the footballers playing on the pitch. Everyone there was enthusiastic to be a part of the inaugural game. After months of watching the stadium being built, locals finally had the chance to see what was inside. Judging by the great atmosphere and loud roars, Green Point was given the seal of approval by everyone present.  The afternoon had a wonderful festival atmosphere, as the crowds were entertained by performing artists before, during and after the match. If this a small taste of what the World Cup will bring, we’re in for a fantastic experience! The first World Cup game at Cape Town Stadium is Uruguay vs. France on June 11, 2010. Book your English course in Cape Town be a part of this footballing feast.

Summer in Cape Town

While Europe has been suffering plenty of lousy weather  the last couple of months, in Cape Town summer is in full swing! For those of you who are unaware, southern hemisphere countries (countries below the equator) have summer while northern hemisphere countries have winter. During November, December, January and February, the southern hemisphere is exposed to more direct sunlight because the hemisphere faces the sun. It is the tilt of the Earth that causes the Sun to be higher in the sky during the summer. So while you’re shivering away at home in Europe, or trying to drive on icy roads, think about the warm weather you could be enjoying in Cape Town. Did you know that the average high-temperature in February is 27°C (81°F)? Cape town in the summer is a great place to be. There’s the ocean, the unique landscape to explore, the great hiking and general out-door way of life! Cape Town is a great way to beat the winter blues and if you are travlleing from Europe, you don’t have to worry about jet-lag because Cape Town is UTC/GMT +2 hours.