African Rhythm party

On the 16th July  EC threw a party for students; the theme was ‘African Rhythm’! Teachers & students dressed in leopard & zebra print, got their faces painted in traditional African style and joined EC guests- 2 bongo drummers from Senegal and South African dancers- as they performed traditional African  music and dance.

EC Cape Town Student Testimonial: Nashreen Vallie

Nice Testimonial from Nashreen, a student at EC Cape Town English language school. Not only is Cape Town one of the host cities for the 2010 Soccer World Cup,   but it also boasts some of the greatest sights in the world. From Chapman’s Peak to Camps Bay, from Table Mountain to Cape Point , what natural beauty. And you simply cannot forget the warm, friendly people from the Mother City!!! Being a student at EC Cape Town has been wonderful. the learning experience has been fun and very enriching. I know that through EC I will get to where I want to be in life.

The Cape Town Fan Walk

Rifqah, our Accommodation coordinator, joined 149,000 people on Tuesday 6 July when Cape Town hosted its last match- the Semi Final clash between the Netherlands and Uruguay– to take the path that fans use from the Cape Town Train Station to the stadium. The Cape Town fan walk has been one of the major successes of the tournament, providing a festive walk to the stadium for match goers but also a meeting point for all of the city’s fans to truly experience the World Cup vibe.

Cape Town’s Great Reputation

Interviewing visiting football fans, a local Cape Town newspaper got some honest views on the city. For those of you who were in doubt, here’s proof of what an excellent place Cape Town is.

World Cup: Spain vs Portugal

I saw the Round of 16 match between Spain and Portugal at the Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience! Besides the only goal of the match scored by David Villa, the most memorable moment was when the loud and proudly South African vuvuzelas were blown simultaneously by everyone who had brought one along to the stadium!

EC Cape Town Student Testimonial: Tracy Walls

Lovely testimonial from Tracy who joined EC to learn English in Cape Town. Take a look at what she has to say: “Everyday, Cape Town catches my breath! It is a city surrounded by incredibly ‘postcard-like’ natural beauty; from the inspiring mountains that change hue while the sun sets over the ocean, allowing the likes of the V&A Waterfront to ‘blossom’ and come to life as night arrives. Local sounds of drumming indigenous music sounds the awakening of Cape Town’s colourful and energetic night life- Cape Town doesn’t sleep early! EC is well located in the middle of this kaleidoscope of beauty and energy! EC itself is embracing the moment you walk through the front door. Not only does their front desk representative greet you with the warmest smile- but the entrance is bursting with Cape travel and event information! What a welcome to Cape Town! EC’s staff is vibrant, informative, warm and friendly! What a way to learn English in the jewel of South Africa, Cape Town, in the the competent hands of EC.”

World Cup: Germany vs Argentina

On 03 July both Sue, EC Cape Town Centre Director, and Zubeida, our Student Registrar, went to the Germany vs Argentina match. They say that the only cheering that was done by the Argentinian fans was when the team came out to warm up before the match and when Diego Maradona walked out! The rest of the game fans sat open-mouthed in disbelief as Germany beat them 4-0! Zubeida says that this match was definitely the best she’s been to! Check out their photos from the match:

World Cup: England vs Algeria match

On the 18 June,  Zubeida caught the England vs Algeria game live at Greenpoint Stadium. She says ‘it was the first match I went to and because I enjoyed it so much I have since been to 2 other games: Spain vs Portugal and just this weekend saw Germany beat Argentina! I love the atmosphere at the stadium, it’s fantastic! Luckily I managed to also get tickets for the semi-final match between Netherlands and Uruguay and am really looking forward to it!” Here are her photos from the England vs Algeria match: