Full Day Hermanus Whale Route trip this weekend!

Full Day Hermanus Whale Route tour Only R300- book at reception From May to November every year Southern Right Whales pay homage to the warm, shallow waters of Hermanus in order to calf their young.  See the majestic whales up close at the best land based whale watching destination in the world!

EC Pool Tournament

On Thursday 23 September we held the latest pool tournament. Four rounds and 2 hours later, Saleh Omar was crowned the winner! Check out the pictures below:

My Sandboarding & Quadbiking trip- my best day out so far!

Our intern, Karolin, who arrived in South Africa & started with EC Cape Town at the beginning of  September tells us about her best day out in South Africa since being here: On Saturday 18th September I went to the Atlantis dunes in the north of Cape Town and had a very sandy and dirty sports trip! First was sand boarding where we were welcomed with a high-speed ride through the dunes in our instructors Jeep. This guy was freaking crazy! But that was the best introduction to have before lots of hard falls.  Our instructor taught us how to stand on the board, how to move and how to fall (very important!). It was a very nice feeling to slide down the small hills without tumbling down! Afterwards we went to the next stop for quad biking. For one hour we each got a quad bike and in groups of 5 people we drove through the huge sandy area and it was so much fun! It took a few minutes to find the key to driving the quadbike but then it was pretty easy to take the curves, puddles and small hills. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone coming to Cape Town! Karolin Riehn

Full Day Cape Point trip this weekend!

Full Day Cape Point tour- A fantastic must-do full day excursion filled with fun and adventure! Only R375- book at reception (Places fill up fast so be sure to book as soon as possible!) Explore the wonders and the treasures of the Cape Peninsula and take in the beautiful valleys, bays and beaches, as we make our way to Cape Point- the most southwestern tip of Africa! Along the way you’ll see False Bay, Kalk Bay, Simons Town and the flora & fauna of the Cape Point Nature Reserve. We also stop at Boulder’s Beach to see the colony of about 3000 African Penguins who have chosen this beach as their home. This is a trip of a lifetime you will never forget!

Public Holiday- Heritage Day

This relatively new public holiday was created to celebrate  South Africa’s diverse culture from our historical inheritance to our many languages, the food we eat as well as the land in which we live. *Please note school will be closed Friday 24 September. Not sure what to do on your day off? – In commemoration of Heritage Day the Planetarium and the Castle of Good Hope- the oldest building in South Africa- will offer FREE ENTRY on 24 September only. – Heritage Day is also National Braai Day in South Africa because across race, language, region and religion,  all South Africans share one common heritage:  they like to barbeque/ braai! (Braai: the Afrikaans word for barbeque) Join the locals in the township of Gugulethu for an experience you will never forget at the No.1 barbeque spot near Cape Town, Mzoli’s.  Described by chef Jamie Oliver in his magazine as ” like no restaurant you’ve eaten at before- the music is pumping, the people were cool, the meat was fresh and the grill was very, very hot.” Transport to and from Mzolis is R100. To book see Claudia in reception! Have a great long weekend!

Students participate in Spring market!

On Saturday 11 September, 3 Colombian EC students took part in a Spring market at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town. Carolina Gomez and Juan David Londono prepared Colombian delicacies such as ‘arepa’ , a maize flapjack topped with beans, crunchy bacon and avocado! Just exquisite. It is customary to eat ‘arepa’ for breakfast in Colombia. Gustavo Salcedo enticed us with local caramel biscuits, roasted milk tart and rice pudding. All proving to be as delicious as it sounds. Great job guys! EC Cape Town – Nicoletta Di Gia, DOS

Our Interns!

Meet our 2 new interns and see what they have to say about EC and Cape Town: Working or studying in a foreign country is always exciting I think. And I was very excited to come to South Africa! I knew that I will be here for 3 months and not just for 2 or 3 weeks like on holiday. Its even better to be part of the EC ‘family’ in Cape Town. In the EC portfolio it’s written: “The friendly staff at EC Cape Town will ensure that you feel welcomed and as part of the team and will assist you in any way they can to ensure that you get the most out of your internship.” ,and that’s the way it is!! Furthermore Cape Town and its surroundings are so wonderful and there’s a lot to see. You get to know a lot of different cultures and people, also in school, and that’s a great experience I will never forget. To come to Cape Town was the best decision to make! – Karolin Riehn I’ve studied in EC Malta for one month, last January. After that, I’ve done an intership during 6 months at the Central Office. My experience was very enriching, so I decided to continue with EC in Cape Town. I am studying in the mornings and doing my internship during the afternoons. I am in charge of the library, the listening centre, so I can speak all the time with students and teachers and besides, I continue working with the central office from Cape Town. I will be in Cape Town for three months. This is my first month here and I am really happy. All the things I imagined about the city, the people, the school are in the reality better than in my … Read more

Short Film Review: Ghost

EC Cape Town student Rosa Iannota gives a short film review on the movie ‘Ghost’: “The movie is a love story about the power of love without a happy ending. Unfortunately the boyfriend, Sam- played by Patrick Swayze, was murdered and his spirit was trapped as a ghost between this world and the next. With the help of a medium, he tries to communicate with his girlfriend, Molly- played by Demi Moore, and tell her about his killer and her life in the future. He hopes of ensuring that she has a long life of happiness. The movie was moving and breathtaking particularly in the beginning.”


EC Cape Town offers free academic activities and free services to all students. During these activities students are able to enhance their English skills by interacting with teachers and students at all levels in one on one and in group settings. Pronunciation Workshop Students meet once a week with EC Cape Town’s pronunciation expert to work on improving vowel and consonant pronunciation. Students also practice accurate sentence and word stress and natural intonation. Listening Centre Daily sessions are available throughout the day where students can practice listening skills through lectures, news broadcasts, audio-books and listening tasks, with the help of EC Cape Town’s staff. Movie Evenings Twice a month, students are offered the opportunity to watch a movie. These movies are to enhance listening and reading skills through the use of subtitles. Lectures Offered twice a month, lectures offer students contact time with native speakers and the opportunity to practice extended listening. Students will be exposed to a variety of topics, and regional accents, and are encouraged to ask questions to interact with the lecturer.