Our Interns!

Meet our 2 new interns and see what they have to say about EC and Cape Town:

Working or studying in a foreign country is always exciting I think. And I was very excited to come to South Africa! I knew that I will be here for 3 months and not just for 2 or 3 weeks like on holiday. Its even better to be part of the EC ‘family’ in Cape Town.
In the EC portfolio it’s written: “The friendly staff at EC Cape Town will ensure that you feel welcomed and as part of the team and will assist you in any way they can to ensure that you get the most out of your internship.” ,and that’s the way it is!!
Furthermore Cape Town and its surroundings are so wonderful and there’s a lot to see. You get to know a lot of different cultures and people, also in school, and that’s a great experience I will never forget. To come to Cape Town was the best decision to make! – Karolin Riehn


I’ve studied in EC Malta for one month, last January. After that, I’ve done an intership during 6 months at the Central Office. My experience was very enriching, so I decided to continue with EC in Cape Town. I am studying in the mornings and doing my internship during the afternoons. I am in charge of the library, the listening centre, so I can speak all the time with students and teachers and besides, I continue working with the central office from Cape Town.

I will be in Cape Town for three months. This is my first month here and I am really happy. All the things I imagined about the city, the people, the school are in the reality better than in my dreams.

I have felt more than welcome. My residence is really beautiful, cosy and we are like a big family. Besides, my course is difficult, so, challenging and my teachers are really good. To be a student again motivates me a lot and time flies everyday trying to catch up with my classmates! I´ve started the Cambridge course. It is a real challenge for me and I hope to do it well.
I am everyday near the staff  and they are very close and kind. Everybody here is amazing, really friendly and they take care of every single student, so, I think that, in general, the students are very happy with the school.

The city: AMAZING! Three months won´t be enough to visit all the interesting places you can find in the city and in the suburbs. I am studying and working from Monday till Friday, so I try to make up the time during the weekends!
If you come to Cape Town, you just need a lot of energy to enjoy the city and study hard!- Maria Jose Nogueira




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